Andre 3000 Scrapped His Verse For “Bandz A Make Her Dance” Remix

blame it on JES7 September 13, 2013

During an interview with Sway for Rap Fix Live, Mike Will Made It revealed that Andre 3 Stacks hit the studio with the ATL producer (proof). What transpired out of that studio session we won’t know (yet). However Dre told Mike in a phone conversation that he, did, in fact, record a verse for a remix to Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance“. It was eventually scrapped due to Andre not feeling his verse. Mike revealed:

I’m a big Andre 3000 fan, so when he called …we talked on the phone and he was telling me like, ‘Yo man, I’m a fan of your music,’ and [I had to make sure] ‘This is Three Stacks right? He said ‘I’m a fan of your music, I’ve been listening to your music and ‘Bandz A Make Her Dance’ was my favorite song. I wanted to get on the remix but I wasn’t feeling my verses.

Hopefully the two recorded more music out of that studio session, cause let’s face it, we all need some new Andre in our lives.

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  • The Truth Serum

    Aye, let’s put the ignorance aside and admit something:

    Andre 3000 is a bitch ass nigga. He “wasn’t feeling” his verse? Man, shut the fuck up. If you didn’t feel your verse, why mention it? Anyways, I’m a big Outkast fan. I love his work, but hate his person. He and Lauryn Hill can jump into a Sharknado with their bitch ass nigga shit.

    Besides, what kind of dumb motherfucker wears overalls in 2013. Only women with big ass titties can pull that off. Andre’s too old to be “unique” like…alright nigga, we get it… you’re “yourself”… woo!

    • dont trip

      bruh u mad like andre scrapped your verse or something.. quit worryin bout his clothes faggol, 3stacks for prez.

    • dont trip

      bruh u mad like andre 3000 scrapped YOUR verse or something.. quit worryin bout his clothes faggol, 3 stacks for prez.

  • The Truth Serum

    Look bruh, I don’t know what suburbs you’re postin’ from but in the REAL WORLD certain shit isn’t allowed. It’s funny how half of the internet is out to patrol the e-streets and defend people who wear stupid shit.

    Everyone has to be mad if they’re dissin’ someone. Everyone has to be a faggot if they’re sayin’ someone is wearing something stupid. Why don’t you learn how to type up an appropriate rebuttal? Take a college course, motherfucker. Learn how to think for yourself and not be a generic ass motherfucker.

    If it’ll empower you then yes. Yes, I am a faggot because I think a man wearing overalls in 2013 is fruity. Yes, I am mad because Andre 3000 is the reason Outkast is no longer a group…

    …but most importantly, I am horrified of the fact that, in the future, you MIGHT have a job where you have influence over other people’s happiness… and that really sucks, that they have to suffer because you’re a complete idiot.

    Realize something, putting together words is far different from putting together emotions… so don’t confuse the two.

    …and yes, I have been drinkin’ tonight… waitin’ for the wifey to get home from work so I can lay it down… like the faggot I am.

    • t

      Bros went in lol

  • boobie slim

    @t didn’t he tho. holy shit bruh lmao

  • “…and yes, I have been drinkin’ tonight…”
    – the yeezus influence.

    really though, if 3000 isn’t feeling his verse then let him be. that would have been CRAZY to hear though holy fuck.

  • dont trip

    u go off on a random tangent about the niggas overalls and im the one the world needs to worry about? how bout u stop being a stickler and listen to the music or stfu. ppl like you that make opinions on everything besides the art is whats wrong with the culture nowadays. step your game up& drink urself to sleep.(typing from your moms house)

  • the realest

    ^what happens when you drink and listen to macklemore

  • the realest

    ^ niggaz stealing my name n shit. Anyway this just goes to show how biased and ignorant the backpackers are in their views on hip hop. Trap music 2, backpackers 0.

  • mega mane

    ^nobodys stealin your name idiot… its so fucking simple people think it up all by them dumb selves.

  • yall crazy

    people reply to themselves now? Arkham Asylum in this bitch?