Cardo & Lola Monroe, No Longer Taylor Gang Affiliates

blame it on Shake September 13, 2013

According to a Taylor Gang executive, who recently spoke with XXL, Lola Monroe and in-house producer Cardo are no longer affiliated with the Taylor Gang brand.

“After years of helping build their careers, we did not feel as if the relationships were mutually beneficial. We wish LoLa and Cardo the best but hope they move on in their respective directions without affiliating themselves to the Taylor Gang brand or name.”

Something tells me, Cardo isn’t gonna lose any sleep over this as he’s been supplying heat for countless artists as of late. Not “mutually beneficial” though? I understand Lola fitting that category, but Cardo? Dude is responsible for some of Wiz’s best music IMO. Hopefully they can continue to work in some fashion… and Angel Lola Luv gets back to wearing minimal clothing for the camera.

  • T9FTW

    Lola… isn’t too bad…. I suppose.

    But CARDO? First off, I didn’t even know Cardo was TGOD, but he fits right in. That’s pretty strange but okay…

  • Mike

    Cardo been TGOD since day 1 that’s some bull shit. Wiz is slowly losing his own stripes. First he makes his best friend Chevy tour with Berner that far beaner and now he’s ousting niqqas… Some bull shit

    • Kb

      Fuck u bitch ass nigga don’t u ever disrespect wiz khalifa I will kill u if u ever again Taylor gang or die till u die

  • C’mon, Son!

    Cardo is dope. They made a mistake by letting him go.

  • fastflipper

    why he dint kick beaner…or wtv his name

    the guy need to stick to being weed keeper

  • Sigh Jay

    Wiz is on a losing streak ! Cardo dont need him , Wiz needs cardo ! I sense there was some funny shit going on with them too. Continue making that Pop shit,Wiz. Your LOSING FANS , and dont even know it !

  • Traxster

    They just lost a star player (cardo)

  • Mucho Dinero

    Taylor Gang is full of Weed Carriers now hahahahaha. Cardo was the REAL talent over at taylor gang …. makes me think maybe wiz wanted cardo to make some pop shit and cardo probably told him to fuck himself

  • This Sucks

    i guess we never gettin dat wiz x cardo x sledgren tape …. im fucking bummed now

  • krow132

    whhaaat?? I mean lola is whatever but Cardo? Cardo had alot to do with molding Wiz’s sound. thats wack

  • krow132

    I mean at least he still has Sledgren and I.D. Labs and them so I think hell be okay but damn, Cardo is dope man. Big loss

  • Blowfish Sushi

    W T F ! Wiz is a sellout . Cardo dont need that nigga mang ! Wiz needs him … idc about lola she wasnt bringing anything to the table anyways … but Cardo? Taylor Gang is losing

  • realtalk™

    I’m thinking Cardo leaving was mutual tho, what did Taylor Gang do for him that he can’t do by himself? He can still make beats for Wiz being on another label..

    And when he dropped his EP it was under Fool’s Gold not Taylor Gang or Rostrum Records or whatever they go by

  • a

    They can get wiz on some more stargate beats now? that sucks

  • “After years of helping build their careers, we did not feel as if the relationships were mutually beneficial”

    sounds like they got released from a team lol. wiz n that taylor gang shit is weak anyways. cardo been makin beats for other niggas. he gonna be straight. as for lola, that bitch need to head back to the sewers

  • @RENZO216

    Wiz & Taylor Gang is weak nowadays dat nicca cardo been out here making noise w/o them it seems . i follow cardo on twitter and he never says “TGOD” . makes you think “what really happened”

  • BobObLaw

    its kool. watch CARDO turn JETS real quick n Curren$y can keep making classic shit

  • Flip

    Mezmorized, will go down as wiz best song…i hope mmg signs him, he say bring a different element over there



  • dave

    wiz is wilding man. this dude made your best sng ever Mezmorized. you may think that blck and yellow pop shit is what hot but real fans fuck with that cardo shit. honestly i wasnt sure about Lola at first but she proved herself to be a good rapper.

  • nhasdhh

    LOOOOOOL THEY KEEP BERNER BUT KICK CARDO!!! FUCCKING BERNER THAT GUYS WHAACKKK!!! wiz ur music lately hasnt even been too good then u drop one of the best producers with his unique style of beats and all that, thats some low shit nigga helped u build ur career.losin a little bit of respect but on the other hand shout out CARDO!, KEEP DROPPING THEM BEATS

  • I get Lola leaving seeing as how she has a child to raise, but separating from Cardo reminds me of Mannie Fresh leaving Cash Money. Some of the magic is lost.