Mack Wilds – Wild Things f. Method Man

blame it on Shake September 13, 2013

Michael and Cheese link up for the intro off Mack Wilds’ upcoming album, New York: A Love Story, due out September 30th.

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  • wicked

    That beat and Meth on the hook *uuuuuuuggggllllyy face* goddayum that’s that Shaolin isht

  • K$Y


  • DQ

    Method Man is the East Coast Snoop Dogg

  • NahSON

    Not feeling this cheese at all and that photo is dumb stupid.

    • Jnl

      NahSon stop hating on people na, son…’less u have ish out there to compete. Why not take the time to congratulate and encourage the brother? You don’t know the journey he had to travel to get to this point.
      Re: the pic….since you seem perplexed by the concept…we can discuss ideas & this is my take on it… I think Mack is making a transition from being a boy from NY w dreams ( ie his dream world
      w dreams that started in ny) owning those dreams and conquering the city that he is from… It’s like a coming of age album for him…in a sense he is like the superhero of his own dreams/ story..his own “superman/ batman” (hence the cape) … Conquering Gotham city through some sort of a love affair… I think he sees himself as being in charge of his destiny/ king of his craft and dreams and by extension ny via the crown… All from his “rooftop”/ space/ world/ mind…. And wherever he is he is comfortable with things…. That’s what I got from that picture.

      Take another look… Do u pick up anything different?

  • Yup

    This shoulda been called “Wu-Tang Forever” no lie real shit.