• marty mcfly

    Overrated back then, overrated now.

  • Money Team

    Fuck Marty Mcfly & Jay Z the most overrated rapper of all time! Big L murder his wack ass!! Nas did too! Makaveli the Don hip hops GOAT

  • marty mcfly (Kill Yourself))

    @troll, NO just NO. @Money Team Jayz is still alive so NO he didnt get murdered by anybody.

  • marty mcfly

    And in 2006 Nas signed to Def Jam and guess who was sitting across the table? Tell Nas to send Jay a thank you gift for the Hip Hop Is Dead album.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD2eJqs7sJQ LA

    Hey Marty! If Pac is overrated then why does Jay Z still bite him to this very day??? Pac is the GOAT and the only people who don't fuck with Pac is teenage homos!

    R.i.p the greatest

  • naoshad

    rip to the legend

  • Live


    Pac was just all-around sick. I miss that dude. I love to see and hear his point of view on the world today, being as fucked up as it is.

  • marty mcfly

    @LA, I dont think Pac was overrated, I think he was dope and Jay prolly feels the same way about Pac. @Live, "I wanna know how Pac feels about his Coachella hologram/ the country in Obama's hands/ the state of hip hop as it relates to the common man/ and if he spoke to Martin, do he think we in the promise land?" - Me