Saturday Night Sexy: Diana Labonek

Instagram: dianadragon

Russian bombshell Diana Labonek shows out in a black-and-white shoot for Dynasty Series captured by TL Glam Studio. Check out more from the european vixen after the jump and follow her on Instagram.





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  • YeDaTruth

    Damn, shake. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Saturday Night Skeezers.

  • Check

    gay comments below

  • Oldmandangler

    Not fat
    No busted face
    No shaved head

    Finally a good female

  • kl

    4 pics only?

  • Billy


    Her face is great but her body is meh

  • WhoCares

    she's alright, nice to see a women without fake tits here.

    since when is Russia part of Europe though? haha

  • WACK

    How many more fucked up surgery's or botox injections does she need?

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    I swear, some of these comments make it seem like everybody is fucking Scarlett Johansson or some shit. Each and everyone of the Saturday Night Sexy girls is fine and you'd all hit it.

  • TheDudeAbides

    The Dude would like to thank the apparition of shake for putting him on to this KGB (Blond?) Bombshell. The Dude hopes to see more of her in the near future.

  • YeDaTruth

    @Leuitrim Rexhaj, NO. Some dudes are more picky than others. not EVERY dude will fuck a girl who's mildly attractive at every turn. If that's you, fine, do you, but I know plenty of dudes who have turned down girls I consider fire, for w/e reason. To each his own.

  • Trust

    This chick looks like a tranny straight up another L for Shake on this shit

  • c’mon son

    This series is dead.. every Saturday the chicks get worse and worse.

  • KING

    My body is ready. This chick is fuckin BANGING

  • malcyvelli

    Lol at the trolls up top, this chick can get it all sorts of ways

  • thrasher

    labonek swallows dude omg

  • nuff

    shut up u little niggaz


    meh..yall can have these curveless bags of bones

  • smh

    u niggas hatin couldnt get 10mins of this bitches time and u callin her ugly that shit is dumb funny

  • tecnik1200

    This chick swallows its know all over hollywood she fucks with the niggas too..we run trains on her and put her in low budget videos and shit. hahaha


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