Drake Debuts “Too Much” with Sampha on Fallon (Video)

blame it on Illy September 14, 2013

Drake appeared as tonight’s musical guest with Sampha (of SBTRKT) debuting “Too Much” off Nothing Was The Same. The LP arrives in stores and online on 9/24.

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  • pL

    not bad aubrey, not bad at all

  • momin

    this is realll. straight from his heart to his friends and family. this is sharing personal shit.

  • Jay!


  • trev

    great performance, guys got talent.

  • ‘sheed

    Definitely the best thing off NWTS so far. Honestly, I feel like the singing didn’t do justice to the verses. Very dope tho.


  • j-ro

    a waste of a good beat and chorus, still cant believe people can listen to this clown, the most annoying voice in hip-hop, uuuuhhh pop music today

  • RSX

    How can one even hate on that? literally 2dope

  • JDS


  • This is tooo DOPE!

  • Flame

    Straight Fire . Drake is that type of ni**a who is quietly killing the game. Most underrated rapper in the game.

  • t

    I feel it.

  • Master Lee

    This is super dope. The best song I’ve heard off the album yet. Niggas love to say Drake isn’t lyrical right??? lol Get the fuck out of here. Drake is just as lyrical as anyone else who is real. Nothing Was The Same is about to change the game.

  • SHOWMA3000

    Damn unlike the “Wu-Tang Forever” NON-TRIBUTE this song was FIRE!!! Fro real *thumbs up* If there is one thing that saves him with some of the shaking over-saturated sappy slow songs that boy can rap. He can flow, wordplay, punchlines (when needed) and metaphors. It’s like he does some simple songs then gets you right back on with songs like this.

  • DG

    Who the fuck was that dude singing? Drake would have been better letting The Weeknd sing the chorus or just singing the chorus himself. Anyway, it was a good song.

  • Too much

    too real , too dope . Niggas that hate is just made at life period . Just cuz yo life fucked up niggas don’t want to hear u talk shit about a nigga tryna share his story . #NWTS

  • Too much

    too real , too dope . Niggas that hate is just made at life period . Just cuz yo life fucked up niggas don’t want to hear u talk sht about a nigga tryna share his story . #NWTS

  • yahhhhh

    Sounds exactly like j Cole delivery………”Is bun coming…f that is anyone coming”

  • Washcloth

    This feature on Drake’s album’s gonna do wonders for Sampha’s career. Great song regardless.

    This should put an end to the on-going Wu Tang fuckery (which if you listen to the damn words you’d understand the song)..

    If you don’t like this song, you just plain don’t like Drake.
    The hatred is unwarranted, dude writes music about his life. You can’t say the same for 98 percent of music “artists”.

    “ever since youtube, niggas been calling me the leader of the new school, fuck with me, dog”

  • DAT-G



    Too Much blinking

  • andOneill

    great track, sounds good live which means its gonna sound alot better on the album. this gonna be 2dope. album needs to leak tho..

  • realtalk™

    It’s not Sampha (of SBTRKT) tho.. it’s Sampha the singer who was featured on a couple songs on that SBTRKT album.

  • Tiiz

    This just made me wanna check for Sampha, not so much NWTS.

  • that truth

    too dope, sounds great live. tell kendrick to take notes

  • Stefan 136

    Great song. His mannerisms puts me off sometimes but the verses came through on this one, really dope.

    LoL… dude sang his lil heart out man, chill

  • x

    Used to hate on Drake and all the hand waving, duck lipping and eye blinking over the top emotional shit but, this track is dope. Should have got a different singer for it though. Also, he needs a stylist for way too long now.

  • wc

    Live performances without a hypeman >>>

    Diggin’ this song a lot.

  • This is the NWTS version of “Look What You’ve Done” which is a compliment. That was one of the best tracks off Take Care. This track is dope, good performance as well.

  • This was an amazing performance, you could sense his nervousness, but it was channeled well. Fallon is showtime, it is almost the new, American, Big Tigga in the basement, but with no freestyles haha!

  • I am felling his new sound. You can here the progression in all his albums but keeps some of the key elements that can create hits. I am a big follower of 40 Noah Shibb his producer and you can his new experimentation in his sounds too . This is a great performance on Fallon

  • JWill

    I can dig this. This and “Wu-tang Forever” are promising tracks. Every now and then I can tolerate the “All Me” Drake but tracks like this make me a fan.

  • basiclee

    Kanye performance was better.

  • kneegrowplz

    great song. this is why i like drake, myself just being a kid from the suburbs, easy to relate to songs about family and relationships over dope dealing and guns.

  • zlbMrOG

    good song but are all this gonna be slow burners??? All the songs that get leaked out are slow and kinda blah..where are the jams?!?!?! Jus sayin…..

  • youngBasic

    drake the type of nigga to safetly eject his usb

    • Lmfao just woke up and read that comment…my hangover is now gone!! Haha

  • mcjager

    i don’t not like this

  • biff tannen

    Well done aubrey. Well done.

  • marty mcfly


  • adi Pre

    Fucking DOPE! How can you hate on this. NWTS copping straight.

  • This is great music, sounds like something that came off “So Far Gone” I believe that “Nothing Was the Same” is going to change some lives

  • Aria


  • nigganigga

    why dis nigga blink so much

  • Jay

    Drake is definitely one of the GREATEST artists of all time i don’t care what anybody says….

  • tylfi

    yea, this is nice

  • Dashboard

    I mad at the fact he got a Jaden smith shirt made of him when he thought drake was god at the awards

  • manganime

    Much better than the version on the album! Overall more emotion, energy, conviction and Sampha was weak on the album version with his outro left out.