Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber Walk Floyd Mayweather to the Ring (Video)

blame it on Illy September 15, 2013

The undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. was accompanied to the ring by Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber for his fight against Canelo Alvarez tonight live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Weezy performed “A Milli” while walking Mayweather to the ring with Bieber in the cut. If for whatever reason you missed the fight, Floyd won by majority decision.

  • KING

    I tell you, this dude Mayweather makes it hard for me to cheer for him when he brings these 2 faggots coming out side by side with him. He goes from Triple H and 50 Cent to Wayne & Bieber. You fucking kidding me?

  • malcyvelli

    this shit is so bad…

    How the fuck are we in an age where walking into the boxing ring with pop singers is cool?

  • Rome

    lol he went from 50 cent to these 2 fags smh

  • Mike Tyson

    : / wayne okay i can sort of handle….but justin weiner cmon man……and then this kid is trying to act like a damn hard ass as he comes to the ring…dude, floyd, you had a great fight but that was the most bitch move you could’ve pulled..

  • Sprosma

    Wack fucker Bieber preteen

  • Fuck your opinion they rich!

    ^^^ It don’t matter what any of you faggots think, all 3 of them are worth millions while you sit on 2DBZ hitting nope

  • the realest

    Think it was just meant for Wayne, and Justin made his way backstage bcuz he Justin and just came out wit Floyd. I don’t think he called the boy up.

  • peaceofpi

    Floyd and JB hanging with this lame Wayne smh

  • r

    These 3 guys are undefeated show respect

  • apokalypseNOW

    bieber tatt’d up up now, huh. smh… whats next? hanna montana poppn molly and twerkin?

  • jjj

    whats good with the hate they eating more than most niggas

  • thisbloglikeabitchgossipsitenow

    that fight tho!

  • YEE


  • Hate if you want, I think it was off too, but that still from the video up top is quite literally a “money team” … Them boys paid. Eh.

  • james

    buncha simpletons, still believe that wealth has anything to do with bank accounts. You already know this dude’s personal life is a hot mess and will only get worse as his boxing career starts to dim. All this money he has in liquid assets. He’s almost proud of his financial ignorance.

    Not to mention, every fuckin video he stars in has all these thirsty vultures surrounding him and his attitude is that nobody is ever going to attempt to rob him for his stacks. It’s almost as if he is praying for somebody to come take his shit.

    There’s a reason why him and 50 don’t get along. Crackers always laugh at Floyd’s dumb money.

  • #FuckBoyAlert

  • Admit it!

    @james So basically you’re just jealous

  • FlyBoiTay

    Yall need to chill…this is the third or fourth time Bieber has made this walk to the ring with Money May…hop off his dick

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    wayne on salvia.

  • Nigga what Nigga who

    So let me get this straight, as long as you have a large bank account that offsets all the dirt bag douche-r-y antics these turd nuggets do. Ok, just clearing that up.

  • that was funny as fuck.

  • d-bo

    A great fighter who surrounds himself with wackness. You shoulda stayed with Fif Floyd. Bieber is the wackest nigga out.