A$AP Rocky (Finally) Meets Aesop Rock (Video)

blame it on Meka September 16, 2013

In the earlier stages of his career, Rocky caught a considerable amount of flak due to his name sounding eerily similar to underground hero Aesop Rock. Well, during the Northern California stop of the Rock The Bells, Peter Rosenberg was on hand to catch Rocky and Rock meet for the very first time, with a little help from Brother Ali.

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  • ASOP Rawkey

    I always wondered about this — good to know.

  • aaaand asap, calls aesop, asap… figures

  • Do a song now DAMMIT!

  • who cares

    A million dollars says A$AP’s never heard a damn word Aesop has ever spit on the mic.
    @YouGots2Chill – Get the fuck outta here. In an odd way it’s cool that they met, but I don’t want Aesop to get on a track with this loser.

    • Dozier

      Youre one of the white boys who listens to “real hip hop” arent you?

  • One of these guys is a legend and the other is A$AP Rocky.

  • nigga

    Aesop Rock is another one of those awful, no-charisma, monotone rappers that white backpackers suck off to death. Nothing to see here

  • Bozler

    @Dozler you love bullshit wack rappers dont you?

  • wat

    hopefully an artist works according to how they want and not to what a dumbass fan like ‘who cares’ wants. the reason why artists get hated is because of fans like that stupid nigga.

  • SforMusic

    That bullshit was just a reason for delusional “real hip hop head” to hate on A$AP in the first place lool, it would be interesting to see a collab but i aint gonna expect it anytime soon… a picture will just do for now

  • after hearing rocky was named after rakim, it kinda changed my perspective. He’s probably heard rakim so much from his moms playing it. If he wanted to be that type of emcee he would.

  • Qwe

    It’s sad that so many can’t enjoy both of these rappers. Both are two good artists that make creative and interesting hip-hop. Say the fuck you want about Rocky but the dude is genuine and just himself.

  • yach

    Lol ^ this guy said “genuine” .

  • $$$

    It would’ve been a great moment if he said Aesop and not Asap. Damn it