Bishop Lamont – Full Circle (prod. Mel-Man)

blame it on Shake September 16, 2013

Bishop Lamont continues his recent string of consistent releases with the Mel-Man-produced “Full Circle.” Stream/download below.

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  • Hiphop

    Damn. Another nice record from Bishop. Don’t doubt this man. His best is yet to come. This song is bangin!

  • jus10

    Dre need to get Mel-Man back in the Aftermath fam.
    This production is hot!

    …and FUCK HHDX for banning me. I ain’t never spammed! I’m always relevent to the topic at hand (other than this rant, my moment of clarity)

  • DOPE

    Bishop been putting out heat lately…Consistently droppin great records
    2. Helicopter
    3. Dungeons and Dragons
    4. Full Circle
    5. Hate
    6. Hope Music
    7. Ol Skool
    8. Kill Kill Kill (MadChild)
    9. Be A Better Man (Apathy)
    10. Godz N The Hood (Rass Kass) ft. Talib Kweli
    11. Lyrical Warfare
    12. Trust Us (Reks)
    13. Black Kings (Rich Kidd)
    14. Neighborhood Watch (Sneakas)
    15. Battleaxe (MadChild)
    16. It Ain’t Eazy (King Tee)

  • ssas

    He doesn’t and never will have that X factor to be hot in the game. He’s lacking something, so best to stay the independent route Bishop. The only records of yours I really liked were dependent on the beats or features.
    Listen to Game, then listen to Bishop. I’m not just saying that because of their beef. Do the same thing with Lil Eazy E. Nothing will come of their careers, realistically. Not lyrical enough to rave about, just right in the middle where nothing happens.

  • yo

    2000’s west coast rap

  • mpls612

    i had high hopes for bishop to blow up to be something big back in the mid-2000’s along with ya boy, crooked i, young dre, papoose, saigon, tru-life and bump j.

  • GET IT!

    ^^^SSAS and all you other suckas…
    Bishop is not tryin to be the next IT star with that X Factor! His mission is to rep true hip hop, lyrical ability, and bring hiphop back to the essence. That whole track list posted above shits on Game’s latest album…haha. True hiphop resides in the underground. There’s only fast food drive through rap up top…Get ready for the REFORMATION

  • Advance

    You don’t sign with Dre if you’re not trying to be a star. He’s only “residing in the underground” now because shit didn’t work out with Aftermath. I like his music but don’t act like this is where he thought he’d be 7 years ago when he signed

  • Hiphop

    When Dre and Jimmy try to put you in a box, make you some gangbanger when you’re not, you rethink why you even joined the team. Fake shit is fake shit and Bishop ultimately left because he wasn’t playing by their rules. The music industry is a bitch!!!

  • who cares

    Raw. Bishop’s been going in lately.