• The Real TC

    Why does this dude still have a fan base?

  • brad stevens

    T minus forty minutes until this dude gets arrested again

  • http://Finkmoney.tumblr.com Finkmoney

    We need a preview to that steaming pile of rat shit?

    The end of the world really is coming.....

  • who cares

    The fuck is a "thottie"?

  • dagel

    fucking garbage. do you guys know how much unheard talent is out there?? just think about it for a second. hundreds of dudes with real talent, just waiting to break out to a bit of exposure.
    then you got this bullshit.

  • Some dude


    I agree..maybe 2dopeboyz should help those cats out and put some ppl on, but of course that won't happen..

  • Billy

    2dopeboyz will post this illiterate nigga Chief Keef countless times over niggas with real talent LOL

  • kl


  • The Real TC

    It's all about page hits and revenue, doe!

  • mz

    So 2dopeboyz will post Keef, a catalyst for violence in Chicago, but not Lupe cause he was mean to you a couple years back.

    Yeah I feel like complaining for once

  • Richard Chavez

    Dumbasses , thotties means thots .. Y'all hating cuz he making money and you aren't

  • The Real TC

    ^ defense for every wack rapper that has ever been been famous for a short time.