• Bryan

    hes so dope. TFNT is crazy.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ i agree 1000%

  • Eye Eye Captain

    I clicked on this cause I thought it was J. Cole, but this was good

  • Skittles4Hoes

    ^ he's better than J. Cole

  • dope tho

    same as eye eye

  • Juicy-G

    Way better than J. Cole. ANTHM been that nigga stop sleeping dudes.

  • rathore

    he got BARS FOR DAYS!! anthem is nice. i started listening to his "joy & pain" mix tape and his latest project "The fire next time". It was crazyyyyyyyy he got that FLOWWWWW!! I support his music and def recommend people who love hip hop to support his music. he RIPPSSSSSSSS beats SHREDDDDs them and straight BARS AFTER BARS!!! listen to can i live, Double exel, up, and 1 train for starters. much love peace #HeGotBars #Lyricist

  • AMG

    listen to stolen whips feat black rob

  • silk

    wow, absurd.

  • realtalk™

    ANTHM is that dude!

    He needs to link up with guys like Exile and Statik Selektah..

  • Devann Decker

    Super Dope. This dude is going to be huge.