Chief Keef – Love No Thotties (Video)

blame it on Meka September 19, 2013

Directed by Zae

The irony of this song title. Bang pt.2 is out now.

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  • louis loafs

    eat your heart out kendrick #ihatebeinsobur

  • brad stevens

    98% of hardcore chief keef fans are 3rd grade dropouts

  • WhatHowWhy

    If I had never heard of Chief Keef, and someone showed me this video with the preface “You have to see this hilarious comedians video making fun of terrible wanna be rappers” I would 100% believe that was the case, and laugh very hard at this video.

    Sadly, this is for real…

  • kl

    looks like im in the 2%

  • CommonLogic

    I am very ashamed at the fact that he is from Chicago. So sad. On a good note at least the country can notice that the educational system is declining.

  • all that money and no lotion.

  • wackness

    What’s funny is that I used to see people defending Chief Keef for being a good parent-that he took care of his daughter. And then there’s that link about child support.
    This guy is a fuckin loser. He’s a clown.
    And no I wouldn’t say that to his face, because he’s stupid enough fuck shit up over some petty bs.

  • FeedThaFam

    I liked this.. The theme of the video was right on , he was singing this song to the bitch on the phone. Just ignorant rap done right why do yu gotta hate tho?

  • Riktar

    what the FUCKKK… seriously.. what the fuck is this…

  • dagel

    lets not forget.

    kanye had him on a feature on a full length album. has this sunk in people? i don’t care what your opinion is on Yeezus, it’s a full feature, by one of the biggest artists in the world, and it features, this dude.