Like The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac Will Also Have A Film

blame it on Meka September 19, 2013

Since Gravy decided to be Notorious, we’ve all expected a biopic on Tupac Shakur to come after; it’s the nature of the business. Well, Deadline has reported that a film based on the life and times of the slain rapper will, in fact, begin filming next year:

Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films is teaming with Morgan Creek Productions to co-finance and co-produce Tupac, creating a new urgency for the long-gestating biopic on the hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur. They are working with a script by Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft, and a new draft is expected in two weeks. Several companies battled for the rights to partner on the film with Jim Robinson’s Morgan Creek before MCP president David Robinson sealed the deal with EFO. They are eyeing a February start date and a $45 million budget. They have the rights to exploit Tupac’s musical catalog, and his mother, Afeni Shakur, will be a producer on the film.

This is on top of the Broadway musical (*stare of 1,000 blanks*) that’s also supposed to be in the early stages of production as well. All I want to know is, will both the Broadway and big-screen version include “Hit ‘Em Up” in their repertoire? I’d certainly pay bootleg a copy to watch that.

  • Randy McMoss

    Please don’t have that scrub that was in Notorious playing Tupac again.

    • > Please don’t have that scrub that was in Notorious playing Tupac again.

      i thought the same thing. but ironically, if you read the article they made a mention of the guy who was 2pac in “notorious” rumored to maybe play him…

  • marty mcfly

    The guy that played Big did a good job imo to the point where it was almost like Big himself. It wasn’t perfectly on Biggie but it was prolly as close as somebody could get acting wise. The movie could’ve been a little better but it was good though. They just gotta make the Pac film believable and make it feel natural and realistic.

  • LA


  • makaveliInThis

    nobody will be happy with this movie because no actor out there can pull off that energy and personality that pac had. still, the movie needs to be made just to introduce the new generation to the legend and appreciate his music again. i hope they dont go too hollywood with it though and have him and biggie holding hands or some gay politcaly correct shit. they should show how ruthless and all out military minded he was to his enemies during the east coast west coast wars.

  • Ray J and Fredro Starr

    hopefully it’s not Hakeem from Moesha!

    • Hakeem from moesha is dead bruh

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm I hope it’s good and to those its Anthony mackie y’all smh homie a good actor but in that film umm but anyways whoever they find I hope it’s the same kinda energy they found in larenz Tate homie played that M2S and Dead prez hella good so whoever the person is gotta step up 100.

  • marty mcfly

    I think a true representation of Pac would be someone who can “act” as if he some kinda ruthless gangster but knows its all a front because in actuality I believe Pac was really a sensitive person and an intelligent person who really wanted to pursue a acting career as well as music but his circumstances caused him to go on emotion and act out but really inside he himself knew he wasn’t all what he portrayed himself to be. Pac was like a bunch of people all in one person imo and that has to be portrayed honestly and that in itself would cause an actor to appear to be a bit crazy because Pac himself was a bit crazy in his attempt to find out who he really wanted to be. I dont think Pac knew if he was a rapper or actor or thug or revolutionary or playboy or businessman or troubled entertainer on the verge of a nervous breakdown. You could say he was all those things but one can not truly live all those personalities in the same body for too long without causing some serious inner conflict with themselves. On top of that then there’s the beef and legal trouble and jail time and the gunshots and the ghetto superstar mythology with all that. They gotta get somebody who’s young but intelligent enough to be able to play somewhat of an emotional, ambitious, impulsive, confused genius all at once.

  • Robb

    All I know is it better not be like Notorious. It gotta be real gutta and raw. they need to make the movie as dope as they made “Menace 2 Society” and “Boyz n the hood”. This is 2 Pac were talking about, no hate towards Biggy but 2 Pac is the greatest…And they better not use that dude that played 2 pac in Notorious, he was a fuckin joke.

  • Raiders4Life

    I remember a while back about the dude from The Steve Harvey Show being talked about playing 2pac in a movie. He ended up getting killed.

  • Benz

    @marty mcfly Once again STFU!

  • Marshall

    KDOT should play PAC

  • david

    Bryan Cranston to play Pac

  • Domanic Anthony

    @marty yeah i completely agree, pac was not a “gangster” thug life was an organization to help bring positive to low in come neighborhoods. Pac didnt even want to sell crack because he couldn’t stand the fact that hes hurting ppl, and even listen to his interviews this man wasnt some killer gangster movin weight. he was a vary intelegent kidd that grew up in the hood and yes was a thug but far from a gangster the nigguh was just hood