Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (Artwork)

blame it on Shake September 20, 2013

With a November 5th release date set in stone, Eminem takes it back and reveals the official cover art to The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

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  • Yo this shit is ill… But also creepy just the way the MMLP was dope!

  • LA

    Looks like vintage Eminem…which is dope!

    Hope the album lives up to the first


    Pac > Em >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jay

  • ‘sheed

    dope pic for a cover. not feeling the new way em’s name is stylized tho

  • Pops

    Everything is lining up nicely. Now I just hope the album lives up to its predecessor.

  • DeftLip

    Breaking Bad.

  • Tiger’s Blood

    To put MMLP in the title he better come correct! That album was ominously perfect

  • HipHopHead

    Please God, let this album be dope! What we don’t want is a lackluster follow up from such a classic.

  • brad stevens

    that house actually just went up for sale. thatd be a cool way to do something positive in a downward-spiraling city if they made it some sort of “museum” almost.

  • brad stevens

    the new logos kinda weak tho.

  • mad

    This is cool but why is he calling it mmlp2? other than recovery every eminem album has pretty much been a follow up from the previous by including similar skits and recurring themes

  • flo

    @ brad stevens

    I feel the same way

  • em shouldn’t of put his name on it. would’ve been more iconic with just the 19946 as the only text on the cover.

  • in 2013, this looks like it was instagrammed.

  • vub

    whats 19946 ?

  • YeaRight

    The guy says he’s back, release an awful single, then uses his best album to make you guys to buy this one cuz its part 2. GOAT, Yea right. If jcole or drake put that out as a single you guys wouldve killed them, but Em gets a pass? smh

  • Benski

    ^^^^^This. Em has been awful lately.

  • brad stevens

    great marketing strategies:
    1. Em goes on the Michigan game broadcast. acts like a spaz. the video goes viral. everyone who didnt already kno now knows hes comin out w a new LP
    2. naming it “MMLP 2″…once this comes out ppl will also be forced to revisit the first one. this also means buying the first one. in turn adding a whole new younger fan base as well.

  • yetti

    Why are people surprised his 1st single is weak….look at his track record of 1st singles…smh

  • LexiCon

    19946 Dresden Street, Detroit.
    Isn’t it obvious?

  • vub

    im not that much a fan of eminem nd i dont live in usa so it wasnt that obvious but thank u

  • brad stevens

    yeah the address wasnt obvious to me and im a big fan. but i learned something new

  • @mad recovery was a follow up to relapse.

    Yeah I don’t think he needed to change his logo. but i like consistency. dope otherwise

  • Ray


  • mad

    @triPAUD but recovery didnt follow the same format as relapse or his other albums as far as skits, first single content, him saying alot of people ask me on the last song, etc

  • M85H

    Personally I think Berzerk is nice, he’s having fun with it & the Rick Rubin beat is quality. Can’t wait for the album!!!

  • The Man

    Haunted House type of feel. Like shutter island. I hope em spazzes on it, talk about titty fucking Carmen Electra in the backseat of his scion.

  • three2one

    ^^^you obviously don’t be catching what Em’s music is really bout lol.

  • who cares

    Love the cover. Very similar to the first MMLP, but I still don’t like the idea of him releasing a sequel to that album. Also, his name looks stupid as fuck. They need to fire whoever it was that drew that shit up.

  • Mike

    Where’s the track list? I hope he won’t have any dumb features on it like Lil’ Wayne or Rihanna!

  • Nuff Said

    Drake > Eminem

    • Wat

      wanna see my dick

  • Gio Van Arkee

    @Nuff Fuck outta here…