Justin Timberlake – TKO (prod. Timbaland)

blame it on Shake September 20, 2013

Eleven hours ago, Justin Timberlake got his fans riled up with one simple IG post. Now with just 11 days to go until The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) hit shelves, JT delivers the second official single, produced by Timbaland of course. Take a listen below and purchase on iTunes.

  • Alex

    YES you posted it!

  • Grimzz


  • D. ThaDon

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOO Wasn’t expecting that.

  • Don Tello

    I love JT and I used to love Timbaland.. But JT REEAAAAALLY needs to step away from Timbalands production.. Timbaland has not evolv and shows no signs of evolution.. All his shit sounds SO DATED!! And it hinders JT’s new music!! Timbaland is ruining JT’s evolution.. and thats why Robin Thicke is killin it..

    • Dee

      Did you hear the first 20/20?

  • Cam

    @Don Tello What are you talking about. Robin Thicke aint killing it more than JT. Robin Thicke has never even went platinum.

  • ss

    can someone please tell me what old beat timbaland jacked for the main melody? i know its an old rocafella beat or something, like an old justblaze beat. i cant think of it for the life of me.

  • Dot

    @Don Tello, have you seen JT’s VMA awards performance? Enough said if you haven’t already…

  • randy

    @ss the original sample is

    Barry White – Somebody’s Gonna Off The Man.

    It’s been sampled alot. songs like ti – help is coming, bow wow and omarion – designated driver and lil wayne – bill gates. peace

  • randy

    @ss yea jus blaze produced help is coming

  • who cares

    I actually don’t like this… I loved his last album and I think “Take Back The Night” is a great first single, but this sounds so uninspired.

  • thatrealshit

    hook is corny as fuckkk. for real if this was anyone other than JT this shit would be gettin hated on hard. timbo production is crispy per usual but thats about all that stood out to me

  • efqew

    More corny and juvenile lyrics/metaphors about nothing

  • gregory kruxx.


  • LA

    This shit is whack!

    You motherfuckers are so bias you ride this man dick way too much this is a simple ass track smh

  • Onederin

    I think the breakdown section near the end sounds the best. I kind of wish they would have used that part for the whole song. But then again I wasn’t overly impressed with Suit And Tie when it first came out. Maybe this song will grow on me like that song did.

  • gostop

    dude looks like johnny cash. not ageing well, eh.