Papoose - Nosetalgia Freestyle


For Papoose's next trick, he takes on Pusha T and his best friend Kendrick's "Nosetalgia" (which needed no makeover whatsoever).

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  • Asdasd

    Corny nigga

  • Sdfsdf

    Carroty nigga

  • frank kennedy

    broccoli nigga

  • charles lee

    fuck u fags go listen to macklemore cd

  • CharlesIsMad

    Charles lee is mad y'all lmao

  • The Real TC

    Dudes are just hating on papoose, because it's trendy now, tbh. I mean, I'm not checking for him too much anymore, but he did his thing here.

  • kayfam

    He won't get off's dick since control, gettin a little old already...


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