Saturday Night Sexy: Katie Amber

blame it on Illy September 21, 2013

Twitter: @OfclKatieAmber/Instagram: katieamberofficial

Newcomer Katie Amber from San Francisco, California shows us how sexy a perfect mix of tattoos with some the least amount of lingerie looks for tonight’s Saturday Night Sexy. Hit the jump for more of the 21-year-old model captured by Urban Soul Photography, courtesy of Dynasty Series.

katie-amber_01 katie-amber_02 katie-amber_03 katie-amber_04 katie-amber_05 katie-amber_06 katie-amber_07 katie-amber_08 katie-amber_09 katie-amber_10
  • The lighter hair makes her resemble Jennifer Lopez, circa 2001. All in all, not too bad tho

  • jundamane24

    yea she on point. Body, face, all that.

  • YeDaTruth

    FINALLY someone good for SNS. Could do w/o the tattoos, but overall, this gets a thumbs up.

  • kiko

    she phat

  • SwmmnNPssy

    Ehhh… she aight

  • mz

    ehh yeah I mean she’s bad but when you can pick the finest girls on the internet she don’t really cut it. And her face only looks good when they iRobot that shit.
    tattoos are sexy tho

  • mazoomy

    Sooo… Much…. Fake… Face….

    Usually don’t hate on SNS, but dat face too fake fo’ me.

    • Kimberly

      That’s my cousin and I can assure u she is very fucking real

  • YeDaTruth

    LMAO son said iRobot

  • Jus Sayin

    Shake if you can post any fine bitches on this series then stop doing this shit

  • Jus Sayin


  • t

    Yall acting like yall fuck 5 star bitches ..

  • YeDaTruth

    @t does that mean we can’t have an opinion on who’s attractive??

  • TiggaTy

    Chest plate tats are the worst.

  • PJ

    Saturday Night Photoshop.

  • Wesson

    I was about to write the exact same thing, this bitch is 100% fake. The pics look like they come from a video game or something…

  • Again, dudes complaining abt broads, smh. It’s funny, cuz the very same dudes who’s callin’ her ugly or someone they wouldn’t date. Would and furthermore, would fuck her, too. You’re simply lying abt both if you disagree. She’s sexy, tats look good, too.

  • Jus10

    Is she picking her ass in that one picture?

  • YoungYetOld

    @Ill son

    Bro, the point is that out of all the females on the internet to choose, he chooses these chicks with the ugly ass photoshops. Look at the first few pics. Shit is fake as hell. Yeah, we’d bang, but that’s not saying much. We’d bang a goat if it had an ass big enough. Why not post chicks like Lais Deleon?

  • Teddy Gramz

    The 1st 7 was sexy has hell but he last ones were whatever. Maybe the hair.

  • nuff

    i’d hit

  • real shit

    you know, the light skin girls are really kind of getting tired out. Lets get some of these dark Brazilian bitches in here. Yall need to check out Joyce Oliveira. bitch can take a big one in the ass

  • AF1

    @realshit , daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. bring that one on here

  • Leeann Obyrne

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