Pusha T – My Name is My Name (Album Snippets)

blame it on Illy September 21, 2013

With it’s October 8th release date approaching, we finally get snippets of Pusha T’s long-awaited debut studio album, My Name is My Name, featuring the Chris Brown-featured “Sweet Serenade” as well as the e-street-buzzing, “Nosetalgia” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Other guests include Rick Ross, Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, The-Dream, and many more. Pull up the tracklist and click play below. Pre-orders are available now on iTunes.

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  • poopoohead

    God Damn Joaquin Phoenix KILLED that opening production. Did not see that coming.


    It doesn’t even sound like he wants to rap….

  • Have to say this sounds ALOT better than Drake’s Estrogen driven album, for real.

    • ghost of Biggie Smalls

      Lmao “Estrogen driven”

  • Frank White

    that last song sounds DOPE! pharrell and pusha t are CracK on a track my god.

  • mrslickdick

    ok that killed all the hope I had for this album, i didnt like any of the up to now unheard beats! wtf

  • realtalk™

    Very disappointed.. I had high hopes but there’s about 4 tracks I like..

  • Henz

    How can u say u like 4 tracks when you haven’t heard the full tracks?!

  • LA

    This makes me wanna go buy it again! Shit sounds dope! Nigga sounds just like Mase on that (Kelly Rowland) track LOL


  • BuckNasty

    Over-produced beats and more features than a Khaled album…..seems like he is overcompensating for lack of content/substance and the fact nigga has been on the shelf for 5 years.

    This album will be lucky to do 20K first week imo.

  • D. ThaDon

    Really enjoying the snippets so far. On “Hold On”, Rick Ross sound like he’s actually rapping instead of just randomly saying shit like most of his tracks. The flow on the Kelly Rowland collabo really makes him sound like Ma$e. So far it sounds like MNIMN is gonna deliver, Hope it does

  • Just a person

    Lets just say this album don’t sound as bad as I thought….but it ain’t looking as good as I thought either. I think I’ve outgrown Pusha and now look to Roc Marciano to talk the gritty dope dealer fly shit, and Freddie Gibbs to talk that gritty dope dealer goon shit.

    • Just a person

      We’ll see tho. Maybe it’s a grower.

  • the production is all over the place. nothing sounds cohesive.

  • what?

    How can an album not sound as bad as you thought, but also not sound as good as you thought…? Shit makes no sense at all.

  • I’m a little less disappointed, I do hope there are at least 4 extra tracks on the deluxe though.

  • The features are more hooks being sung than actual verses placed on the songs. So, all in all, those types of features don’t mean too much of anything. Gives us a better way to enjoy the album than him trying to SING the hooks. Which, Drake’s album by far is in the Top 5 but not Top 3. #Sry

  • Pauly D

    This sounds extremely bland production-wise. And lyrically doesn’t seem much impressive. Some of the features are good though.

    Can only make the final rating when this comes out, but doesn’t sound that enjoyable.

  • biff tannen


  • Shawn

    From the snippets, I already like this more than Drake’s album. That opening track is a fucking banger… Phoenix produced it? Hot damn!


    After NWTS this is EXACTLY what I need….Crack

  • marty mcfly

    Shit sounds DOPE. You crazy if you think that shit dont sound like some fire.

  • frank kennedy

    Didn’t really hear a bad song from the snippets… but none of them sounded AMAZING either. kind of a familiar vibe to the whole thing, while still lacking true cohesiveness. pushas flow didnt really change at all through any of the songs, aside from the mase one. will def. download it and give it a listen, but things are going to get really awkward when he only pushes like 35k first week

  • 12:37 that confirmed everything I was expecting.

  • marty mcfly

    You cant have “true cohesiveness” unless you got one or two producers do the whole album. Imo if you got more then 3 producers on the same album then the idea of a whole project sounding like one long song is gonna go out the window.

  • ‘sheed

    one of most cohesive mainstream project recently, GKMC, had a different producer for every song

  • mitch

    Disappointed… Was expecting a lot more than 12 tracks and a lot more Kanye production and less features (even though most of them are for hooks)

    Not even sure I want to hear a new Clipse album after hearing Pharrell’s beats for this :/

  • Tmunz34

    everyone be hating this ain’t gonna be good blah blah blah. These are snippets talking about cohesiveness when each song is 40 seconds get out of here. ive just been listening to this last 14 hours doper than anything else out right now. This Pusha-T Ferrius Bueller Fear of God. Don’t be mad pusha smashing on all your wack artist who have no bars.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but Pusha doesn’t wanna make GKMC. It was cohesive, Ill give you that but some people dont like cohesive because it might feel boring. So some will like that fact that Numbers On The Board is the 2nd track and it doesn’t sound like the first track partly because the beat just sounds good. Cohesiveness is a good thing but if you get a really good beat then you might just wanna use it even if its not cohesive with the song before and after it.

  • marty mcfly


  • Decaf Freddy

    Reakky not feeling the production.

  • Decaf Freddy


  • Shoney Jus Doin Him

    The beat on the first track “King Push” is definitely on “New Slaves”. That altered chipmunk voice, you know the one

  • Shoney showin’ you!

    I really wish he’d call out lil’ wayne or the wack ass rappers of today in one of these tracks. Push has that natural diss track flow and knows how to assassinate these marks

  • 2dope4nope

    Alright it’s decent at best but for me the only full tracks I’m anticipating is king push, hold on (which sounds dope), no regrets, pain sounds dope minus a auto-tune future smh & snitch bonus that nottz beat #10 the rest meh! And at that “estrogen” comment hahahaha it’s just how it is drake!

  • saf

    @Shoney showin’ you!

    nah pusha too pussy to call niggas by name. he does it subliminally on twitter and then denies it

  • cracksmoking

    sounds like some cool shit.