Slaughterhouse Freestyle Over “Numbers On The Board” On Radio 1 (Video)

blame it on JES7 September 22, 2013

The House Gang take turns destroying bars over “Numbers On the Board” while up at Charlie Sloth’s show on BBC Radio 1xtra.

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  • Lou_D

    lol @ joey just talkin shit off the top instead of droppin a real verse

  • Eve13

    Gotta love it when Budden is in one of his moods

  • Gibbs1

    They didn’t even take this serious…

    “Nice sound equipment.”

    “Spent a lot of money.”

    *Plays around with smartphone*

  • Danny

    I couldn’t take the British version of Flounder from Animal House seriously, either.

  • SlimShadiest

    This was an extremely shitty showing by them.

  • peaceofpi

    LOL. How can any of you lames hate on this? SH is at their best when they’re all in the same room and can joke around.