Chamillionaire – Don’t Shoot

blame it on Shake September 23, 2013

Fresh off dropping his Reignfall EP back in July, Chamillionaire returns with the forward-thinking “Don’t Shoot.” No names needed as Cham’s message is loud and clear.

  • KING

    My goodness, God bless you Cham. You’re so fucking amazing.

  • Yo Cham is ill

  • stefancmorgan

    Such a dope track

  • jetsfool


  • Jus10

    EXCELLENT!! Sounds like “Morning News” Part 3 (or something). This is the first song I’ve TRULY enjoyed from Cham since “This My World” and “When Ya On”. I really enjoy this political / super lyrical side of Cham.

    • Rubens

      That’s exactly what I was saying too

  • Jem

    usually don’t feel Cham but respect for this

  • LA

    Always thought this dude was underrated!

  • Rosebudd

    Good shit Koopa. This boy came a long way from big swangers and vogues

  • Al


  • Da Spaniard


  • Welsh

    This is great.

  • qwd

    sounds like chamillionaire is behind all these fugaze comments gtfoh

  • BucktownzFinest

    This sounds like the Ultimate Victory Cham. Great song about some recent events.

  • **smitty**

    fire this dude goes hard

  • koopa killed it again

  • James Marlar

    Mayne this song goes hard, great lyrics

  • Evelina

    This is a great song by Chamillionaire. As always the lyrics are great and the beat is just plain awesome. An easy 5/5 from me. This Poison album is gonna me off the hook, straight fire.

  • Lil’ Jay

    Excellently relevant.

  • Jay-T93

    That boy Cham…. Always spittin that real ish. Can’t wait for Poison :D CHAMILLITARY MAYNE!



  • Eden

    let em kno the name that’s running the game… chamillitary mayne!

  • Stephen T.

    Such a dope song! Poison is gonna be too dope!

  • BJLJBranded

    This is as trill and true as it gets. I could see a video being shot for this. The lyrics are so vivid.