Drake On Kendrick’s “Control” Verse: “Are You Listening to It Now, Though?”

blame it on Shake September 23, 2013

On top of confirming an upcoming Wu-Tang collaboration and revealing the release schedule for the impending “Hold On, We’re Going Home” video, Drake also shared some more thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. Simply saying the verse was a moment to talk about but suggests it was nothing more than that.

“That verse was a moment to talk about. Are you listening to it now, though? He didn’t come in there on some wild, ‘I’m in New York, fuck everybody.’ I almost wish he had come in there on that shit because I kind of lost a little bit of respect for the sentiment of the verse. If it’s really ‘fuck everybody’ then it needs to be ‘fuck everybody’. It can’t just be halfway”

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  • drake

    really? says the guy with started from the bottom as his best song…

  • adi Pre

    Like it or not Drizzy’s got a point. Oh and NWTS is a fucking incredible album.

  • Mo

    Why is he flexing?

  • Lmao

    lmao drizzy called it for what it was, kdot aint really diss anybody

  • Sir Anomaly

    Aubrey is still very hurt over the situation

  • who cares

    I’ve made it known that I hate Drake with a passion, but he has a point here. No one is talking about that verse anymore. I said when it dropped that it was average, but a lot of people just bought into the hype and made it more than what it was. It was an attention seeker and that’s exactly what it did for Kendrick. It made his name more well known so, in that regard, he still won regardless of how mediocre the verse was.

  • Yeah, I gotta agree with Drizzy. The verse was good but I think it was hyped up because of the name drops, and Kendrick didn’t really diss anyone. I don’t hear anyone talking about it now because this generation of fans have short attention spans and just move on to the next hot topic.

  • MontrealSmoke

    Obviously Kendrick’s verse was more than just “a moment to talk about” if its still being discussed a month after its release.Drake does have a point though.Kendrick did play it kind of safe but like it or not, that verse, even if it wasn’t the most lyrical verse, was exactly what the current state of hip hop needed. There shouldn’t be room for all of this buddy buddy bullshit.

  • jobie

    i cant stand drake. he is a fake thug, fake intellectual, fake philosopher. but he make solid music. Truth is kendrick is better than drake in just about every way and drake sees him as competition. instead of going at him musically he goes at him like a female with little comments like this. drake doesnt have an album as good as GKMC or a song as good as anything on there and he know it

  • Sadface

    Drake got his feelings hurt tbh.

  • swish15

    Yes I am.

  • adi Pre

    @jabie. You couldn’t be more full of shit if you were constipated. Drizzy has three solid albums behind him, in fact NWTS is a great piece of work, production is on point like a motherfucker thanks to 40 and Drizzy delivered again, no two ways about it. I really don’t understand why the hatred for the dude…I admit I’m not a huge fan of his female/singing songs but 90% of the album is solid and he’s talking about real shit.

  • Jarvo



    Both are dope though.

  • killa

    u bipolar ass min u guys are on kdots dick next minute drakes …he offended ur favorite rapper? aww u pussy ass nigaas.nobody listening to that controll shit ha hah haa

  • swish15

    Drake’s the epitome of halfway.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Yeah, no one’s talking about Kendrick’s “Control” verse anymore … except Drake, apparently.

  • III


    Why the fuck do idiots like you think that you have to always be on one side of the fence? I generally like Kendrick’s music/actions, but that doesn’t mean I ALWAYS have to support everything he does. I usually am not a huge fan of Drake, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna blindly hate everything he puts out and criticize every action he makes.

  • Kd

    I’m actually listening to Kdot’s verse right now.

  • areyoulistening

    1.listened to it today.
    2.still one of the most viewed songs on rapgenius.

  • But it wasn’t meant to be a diss Drake, so what’s your point again?

  • jobie

    @adi Pre never said dude wasnt solid. i like all of drakes albums, but the truth is he doesnt have anything on the level of Kendricks work. NWTS was pretty solid, about equal to Born Sinner in my opinion. i was disappointed tho to be honest.

  • H60D

    Two REAL things:

    1. Drake, you’re talking about it right now. So, it’s clearly not a “moment” thing.

    2. You’re just another nigga who doesn’t even understand the true meaning behind the verse; it’s not a “fuck NY, fuck everybody” verse.

  • Yeah…Just Like He Did On Stay Scheming When His Ass Said Common’s Name…Hypocrite Much???

  • Mac Dre

    Drake is definitely being hypocritical and based off all his reactions, he seems upset about it. It’s like he is shrugging it off not genuinely, but rather to hid that someone would say something like that about him. He seems to take himself to seriously. It was all fine until somebody makes Drake uncomfortable or doesn’t stroke his ego.

  • Tmunz34

    Drakes canadian dry he aint wetting NOBODY ,and has he ever no he hasn’t haha. Hes just a punching bag haha who everyone clowns on. So what he sells records dont bring up that argument. He wishes he had the cred that Kendrick Pusha and all the authentic rappers who have bars. Drake stay LOSING

  • nigga

    I still listen to Control

  • marty mcfly

    I dont see what the problem is with Drake making this statement cause he’s saying the shit was dope for the moment but you probably aint still listening to the song which is just the truth. Aside from that, two of Kendrick’s biggest looks commercially featured Drake (Poetic Justice and Problem). Songs in which Kendrick will probably take awards home for. So Drake dont just talk shit without letting the music speak first. If Kendrick plans on murdering this guy then he gonna have to put out some new music cause one verse aint gonna out perform NWTS.

    • Jarvo

      Bitch, Don’t kill my vibe and Swimming Pools were his two big commerical hits, The track with Drake was his weakest.

  • the realest

    Told yall niggaz before. Average bars. Shock value only.

  • Drakeisthekinda-

    I love how he keeps bringing it up. Kendrick helped Drake’s career, too bad it’s just an extension of garbage, wtf is that new album drake put out, dear god I laughed through the whole thing. Fucking Canadians, they’re nice and all but dumb as fuck

  • @Drakeisthekinda – “Kendrick helped Drake’s career” are you serious?? You got it backwards! Drake helped Kendrick by giving him a song to himself on Take Care and bringing him on tour with him. Kendrick is dope but he’s not Drake’s level as fas as musical appeal yet.

  • lil chris

    a real nigga shit drake just made me realize some shit , kendrick aint shit but a gimmick just like the rest of these niggas,nobody listening to that shit no mo,he dissed niggas on some homeboy shit , soft ass nigga,shout out my nigga drake

  • realtalk™

    I don’t like Drake but he’s right, I’ve felt this way all along..

    The verse wasn’t that great and it has not replay value whatsoever.. too much hype nowadays, everyone wants to be on board with the next trends and shit and is afraid to be late on anything..
    And we all know one thing you can’t be in this high speed society (or: on the internet) is late..

  • 7

    Can’t respect the opinion of someone who drops an album of all R&B lameness and then says he wants to rap more. Go put in a tampon.

  • Joe

    nobodys listening to it anymore cause they already played it 50 times lmao drakes album is gunna get played a couple times and then get deleted off everybodys itunes.. except the 12 years old girls’

  • Saywordson

    Wait aren’t we talking about it right now? ……. It’s hard for me to respect an R&B rapper dissing one of the most prolific artist of our time well practicing his high notes. And by the man come on let’s be serious GKMC > NWTS and yes I listend to both there not even in the same genre let alone the same league.

  • Los

    I been fukin with kedrick since early highschool, but drake killed him on this last album. That mf is amazing drake owns the game if u disagree then ur a fuk boy

  • Los

    I been fukin with kedrick since early highschool, but drake destroyedhim on this last album. That mf is amazing drake owns the game if u disagree then ur a fuk boy

  • malcyvelli

    LOL I actually am listening to it Drake, yesterday when I was making coffee as a matter of fact, don’t get mad because you have nothing for a rebuttal besides giving numbers which is all well and good but as far as being a better emcee it’s obvious what the clear choice is, you got ethered along with the rest of the game nigga, fall back

  • Big Pookie


    Drake letting us see him sweat…

  • milly

    lmAO can u say fucking bodied! nobody checking for a bonus track on big seans album of all things rofl. them kdot bandwagon ass groupie fuck bois are rlly upset with this cause they actually thought the song or was it the wack verse they thought had replayabilty rofl. he sayin kendrick is soft as fuck and hes spot on cause kendrick been quiet as fuck and u wont here no control verse next time he spits cause he”ll be shook as fuck

  • J2

    West Coast

  • flo


    Kendrick soft? I just took a lisen to NWTS and that’s some pretty soft shit bruh. you speaking out of your ass.

  • flo

    clearly Drake caught some feelings on this verse

  • MontrealSmoke

    Kendrick has been quiet because there is nothing else to say.And Ive said this before, yes the verse is average lyrically, but its deeper than that.That verse shook up the whole landscape of the rap game.That verse will be remembered for the rest of his career and you’ll know its true.

  • fuuqqqyah

    yes im listening to it now
    and i still shit bricks every time i hear it
    went harder than anything on drizzys album

  • flo

    and yeah, niggas still listening to it.

    btw drake its not even a Kendrick song. rofl

  • CrabNiggas

    Now Kendrick is soft but Drake isn’t?Shit done changed since Kendrick blew up.

  • Dwayne Carter

    1.) It wasn’t a diss.
    2.) No other verse has been talked about this year as much as Kendrick’s “Control” verse. It’s not even close. People not even mentioned felt compelled to respond. Kendrick wins.
    3.) Drake is such a bitch in life he chose to act salty about the verse after all this time. I can see him now. “Why you call me out dog? I thought we was homies dog? We did tracks together dog.” It’s obvious he’s emotional. Drake talking about his feelings all over the place on NWTS. He even says he’s like Cottenelle on “All Me”. Soft and bitchmade. Toilet Paper rapper. HA.

  • Quickstrike

    What do you mean are you still listening to it? That verse put the whole game on pause for a week plus. Countless rebuttals records; how many RECORDS can you say that about? Which was just a verse which is 1/3 of the song,put that into perspective. And rappers are still being asked about it in interviews etc. Even with the Nosetalgia verse people are still referencing the “Control” verse and comparing it, which speaks to the relevancy of it. Drake mentioning it now is definitely showing that he’s salty/ feeling some type of way. With everyone it was a non issue; this dude is plain old sensitive. It needled him and he felt the need to respond/throw a shot AGAIN.

  • thatoneguy

    STFU Drake… says the guy who took it with no vasline and lipstick on, from common.

  • soulife510

    that fool just salty lol

  • LOL



  • k3

    hell yeah im still listenin to that shit homie!

  • marty mcfly

    Mothafuckas act like that Control verse was Exhibit C but it was really just alot of shock value from saying other rappers names even while saying he’s homies with them on the same song. Some of you are saying well people talked about the verse for a long time? First of all im sure Drake was asked about it again by the reporter so thats why he commented and 2nd how many times have people talked about Drake in hip hop? So talking about verse is cool but people talked about Drakes verse on Forever as well and he aint have to name drop for that to happen. In 2012 Drake did nothing but featured verses and this year Kendrick did that same shit but who’s verses overall have made more of an impact? Truthfully I dont know 100% but I could say Drake had bigger records and his verses had alot of dope bars now ask somebody to tell you what Kendrick said on any other verse this year besides Control. Ask them to spit that verse from Schoolboy Q’s song that just came out. Chances are they wont know it but ask them about a Drake verse or hook and they’ll probably know every word. Now does that make the ultimate difference on who is better lyrically? Probably not but it does imply that Drake must have some pretty good lyrics though so all this talk about how Kendrick is so super lyrical in comparison to Drake? Thats not like a sure win for Kendrick in that regard because again yeah people talk about the Control verse but Drake’s verse dont do so bad on songs either.

  • marty mcfly

    Joe Boredom – “King of New York, my nigga stop it 5
    Keep it funky Drake washed you twice”

  • GooNLord

    I listen to it more than NWTS…

  • B

    man i’m getting sick of all this control verse bullshit, its clear there both no street rappers, i’m beginning to think it was all a publicity stunt, behind the cameras all these rappers are friends and shit. the verse didn’t do anything for hip hop, everyone still making and rapping bout the same shit.

  • Tmunz34

    drake right though are we listening to it we are sometimes ,but know we bumping hes verse off nosetolgia which goes way harder than anything drake has done or will ever do. SO drake stay losing cause kendrick keep putting out stuff to stay ahead of the curve that verse in nosetalgia is crack end of story Kendrick never stops

  • ghost

    They’re both faggots, 2pac and Biggie are rolling over in their graves

  • DG

    Drake said he lost respect because of the sentiment of the verse O.o How the fuck can Drake talk shit about someone being sentimental when majority of his fucking music is sentimental. I still listen to that verse and it goes harder than anything on NWTS. Don’t get me wrong, Drake has bars…but he doesn’t go hard on every track like Kendrick does. Numbers don’t mean shit when it comes to lyrics.

  • Champ

    Wow tough talk fro mthe jewish albino… fuck outta here! Someone jus tdiss this gay wannabe thug but pop sing faggot! Matter fact KDOT GET THIS FOOO

  • ifty

    Both are fakes and “good guys”, not street guys coming with that hard shit for real hip hop fans… Need Sean Price to verbally dismantle this hoes

  • Joe

    @ifty Kendrick’s persona is the “good kid”….so what are u saying? lol it’s been established.

  • HHH

    @ marty – STFU as usual. Defending Drake on a loyal cheerleader tip, making assumptions and shit. I bet more people know the chorus to Flo Rida “Low” than any Drake or Kendrick song. The fuck is your point? LMAO at your life.