Who Wants a 2DBZ/Rocksmith ‘DopeHouse Row’ Tee?

blame it on Shake September 23, 2013

Back in March we collaborated with RocksmithNYC on the “DopeHouse Row” tee; the second release in our Dopehouse collection. And while they are still available (along with the original shirt, hat and beanie capsule) for purchase here, we’d like to give a couple away to show appreciation to our viewers. All you’ve gotta do is hit the c-section below with your favorite Death Row-related memory and I’ll pick a couple winners at random. Good luck.

  • Favorite moment was when suge knight got knocked tha fuck out! Haha i wear an XL please..

  • adam scheer

    Tupac getting signed!! Changed the game.(xxl)


    Mine would have to be “The Chronic”. (2)Dope songs and hilarious skits.

  • Luis

    2pac Beefing With Biggie And Dropping The Best Disses. ( LARGE)

  • luis

    2pac / Dr.Dre (2)DopeBoyz

  • small eyez

    i need that my G. Bring it to A3C!!! haha XXXL …and best shit was when Pac was at the height of death row…suge was not letting him do what he wanted…went a different direction with Makaveli was working with unknown producers and made one of the most impActful HIP HOP ALBUMS EVER

  • skrambla

    mines would be the first time i heard the chronic.ill never forget that cuz i bought i at a sam goody.when i listened to this i was blown xxl

  • suge knight’s infamously epic “come to death row!” speech.

  • Punch

    The Above the Rim Soundrack!!!

  • Eag

    Favorite moment I must say the Cali love video everyone was having a great time even the behind the scenes when tupac was counting his money talking that boss ish hahah (xl)

  • StevePac

    thug lifeeee

  • Come2DeathRow

    Death Row at the source awards back in 1995!!

  • Ezekiel Valenga

    When Snoop said the “East Coast dont got no love for Dr. Dre , Snoop Dog and Deathrow?” at the 95 Source Awards. Epic doesnt even describe that moment. Size L please .

  • sha king

    My favorite was when sugh knight was dissing puffy at the awards show putting his fronting ass on blast and making him a shook one .

  • datshitdope

    pretty much the whole tupac/outlawz, snoop dogg/dogg pound and affiliates (daz, kurupt, nate dogg, soopafly, tray deee, bad azz, warren g, lady of rage) reign back then and what they brought to the game. even all those classic diss songs, some of these were dope as hell on both sides…

  • 2 poonz

    Suge knight supposedly taking vanilla ice over a hotel balcony.. Classic

  • Pac – To Live & Die In LA Music Video (XL)

  • Manuel

    When Dr. Dre told Bill Bellamy that he wanted to work with Rakim before Snoop Doggy Dogg’s debut album came out!

  • Joey Ikeda

    The whole death row and bad boy beef. Plus suge hanging vanilla ice off a building. Haha

  • Joey Ikeda

    The whole death row and bad boy beef. Plus suge hanging vanilla ice off a building.

  • Joey I

    The whole death row and bad boy beef. Plus suge hanging vanilla ice off a building

  • When my brother first introduced me to Nate Dogg. I have never heard another voice like his. RIP

  • Steve T


  • hustla013

    aint nuthing bu a g-thang babee ,
    two loc’ed out brovaz so we’re crazy

  • Chris

    If it’s all the same to you, I’d like to rock this on Friday!!


  • Dalivest1

    Warren G redid his verse to Aint no fun and added “6-4 red to be exact” because Suge Knight “pressured” him haha (XL)

  • forreal forreal my best memory is when I first heard it as freshman in high school which was 4 years ago. i knew it was released 16 years prior but its timeless music

  • Besides bitch ass suge gettin knocked out, I would say when Snoop went to No Limit to put the final nail in death row’s coffin. they made good music but was the worst label atmosphere ever..

  • Anthony Starks

    when death row crowd the performance stage and acted like themselves, hilarious to go back and watch

  • Booombap

    Dr. Dre and Doggy Dogg recording together… Golden years!

  • Fred Dace

    Death Row at award shows lol

  • Eduardo Sixay

    When DJ Quik introduced Suge Knight to a local rapper that he managed nameed ‘Chocolate’ back in 1989. He hella complained to Suge that he wrote and produced Vanilla Ice’s one hit wonder ‘Ice Ice Baby’ but didn’t get no credit for that shit, leading to the famous “hanging” incident between Suge Knight and Vanilla Ice hahaha.

  • 2pac / Dr. Dre

  • Ramone

    When 2pac was released from jail & they shot the video for “California” & MTV was on set. 2pac was wildin out counting Andrew Jackson’s! Fresh from the penn! Dats Gangsta Homie!