A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa [Co-Starring Rihanna] (Video)

blame it on Illy September 24, 2013

A$AP Rocky premiered his new video for “Fashion Killa” on 106 & Park earlier today and it looks like the clip for the Long.Live.A$AP track co-stars none-other-than Rihanna. The album is in stores now. UPDATE: HQ premiere by GQ.

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  • Kev

    Homeboy likes to smack bitches up & then he gets Rihanna to co-star in his video.. That’s funny

  • Anthony Starks

    why do i feel like that video and song was an excuse by rocky to get a date with rihanna? Shit, Id do it too tho lol

  • marty mcfly

    Im glad they took that greenish lighting off the original version and just kept it like it is now. This is actually a pretty dope song off the album. As far as fashion goes, Rocky might need a wardrobe stylist and thats not a diss either cause that goes for most mainstream artists imo cause it just gives them more options at having different looks but the song and video was dope.

  • marty mcfly

    and thats not a diss either cause that goes for most mainstream artists… Specifically those that make music about fashion that is. Everybody else dont really need a stylists or need to be in that lane if thats not part of they music.

  • Imo

    I think Rihanna’s looks are very overrated.

    I think she looks cute/decent but she aint no dime like every rapper thinks she is IMO

  • Decaf Freddy

    Rihanna isn’t a dime just off looks, but if you take into account her talent, personality and celebrity status then that makes up the difference for a lot of people.

    We all have are own criteria. Personally, I add 2 bonus points if a broad is cool with pushing out a fat log onto my chest. For example, a 7/10 becomes a 9/10 and an 8/10 can reach dime status in this way. However, the base rating (physical appearance) must be at least a 6/10 in order for a chick to be eligible for bonus points.

  • Fuckyoupayme

    Borinng ass vid. We get it; ya’ll partaking in casual, unprotected rich people sex. Real cool.

    And was Rocky tryin’ on them sweater shits Jamie Lee Curtis be wearin in the ACTIVIAAAAA commercials @ 3:10?

  • donniebrasko

    Decaf freddy, yo you got weird criteria, a fat log on your chest? Thats disturbing!

  • al

    Decaf your a faggot

  • Decaf Freddy

    @donniebrasko It’s only weird if you make it weird. You’d be surprised by how many chicks are down for it. They see it as a huge compliment like “Wow this guy finds me so attractive that it’s even sexy to him to watch me poop.”

    @al sounds like you’re projecting my friend

  • Lance Geneva

    @Decaf Freddy – Omfg lmfao ! If you’re lying, you’re a faggot..