• killer


    • The Joker

      Dope as fuck!

    • The Joker

      Dope has a new meaning!

  • http://Face Milehighcity

    Fuckin dope mad child ur a beast dog

  • showgunone

    Who's the schoolgirl?

    • Cole

      Its madchilds wife.

  • Bezzer

    That's dope shit. Salout to all the who are red flagged. Welcome to the club mad child.


    Killed it for sure


    Yeah that was sick yo

  • D-B

    LOL ACE at the end LOL priceless! Lets see that pic of Ace catchin it by slaine LOLOLOL

  • T-rish

    Awesome video!! :)
    The school girl is Not Shane's wife Cole.. Just a heads up.

  • Bradley

    That was Fuckin' Awesome.