• RSX

    2 Chainz beat Weeknd though. #Longevity

  • Bucky

    Considering all the attention was on GTA V's launch, 50k ain't bad. The album is wack though

  • PaperKut

    Garbage. Sounded like a Gangsta Grillz mixtape from '07

  • malcyvelli

    The beginning of the end for Maybach? One can only hope...

  • jhfhf

    who be buying this trash

  • freshyboi

    thats a flop for MMG

    they peaked 2 years ago

  • alexfirth91

    Selfmade 2 was better

  • Will Da God

    This album was straight garbage it sounded like we were in 2005-2009 again. The album sounded just like all their other shit, this was a shitter of an album recycle bin this shit(Beezy).

  • http://www.primsmarketing.com Ron

    I don't know how it sold that much as it was complete garbage. I really want to know who are the poor souls buying this trash.