Jeezy Announces New Album (Video)

Looks like Jeezy is back in album mode. Earlier today he dropped the Childish Major-produced "In My Head" and now he's released the above video, announcing that a new album is on the way. The more interesting note is the beginning of the clip when the artist formerly known as "Young" says he's now free to speak on certain situations now that the statue of limitations is over. BMF?

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  • Your Father

    Last Jeezy album was disappointing as hell.
    Released a slew of mixtapes better than the album.
    Shouldn't have been in the TM series.
    This single doesn't sound promising but hopefully the rest of the album goes in.

  • rgh

    im just glad that he is no longer feeling limited by statues. Lady liberty

  • kiddjewce

    excited. the video looks promising.

  • ruckusg

    "Statue of limitations"...Oh man...statue? This reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld.


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