2013 BET Cypher: Problem, Bad Lucc, Astro & Asia Sparks

blame it on Shake September 29, 2013

On the same night they held the recording for their 2013 Hip Hop Awards, BET unveils the first cypher. Kicking things off are Asia Sparks, Bad Lucc, Astro and Problem with DJ Premier on the 1s and 2s. Take a look at the spit game down below, check out the rest of the lineups here and tune into the award show on October 15th.

  • three

    is it bad if i say problem went in? cuz he sorta did.

  • LeftCoast

    “The one artist Kendrick can’t control.” Haha niiice.

  • wat

    Astro and Problem went in but I hate that they have internet exclusive cyphers. Means no one in this will get the national TV looks. I mean only Astro and Problem deserve it imo but yeah.

  • ratchetswaggoon

    He went in bruh bruh.
    Asia did too but girls never write their own rhymes.

  • T

    ^ You have problems, Asia was horrible. Bad flow, no standout lyrics (except the line about her breasts, lol).

  • wat

    @three: Problem can actually rap. Don’t sleep. Check out “Rapsody feat. Problem – Complacent”

  • malcyvelli

    I actually respect Problem but that was dope even for him, astro was aight and asia was kinda nice, only one that was lackluster was lucc

  • KING

    Asia is good looking, damn. But her rap was bad haha.
    Astro did his thang as usual.

  • WacknessIsOver

    Asia Sparks hahahahaha…that bitch sucks hard, weak rhymes, not rhyming on beat and poor breath control.

  • WacknessIsOver

    Astro was the best on only one ON BEAT

  • @Wacknessisover

    Your poor attempt at constructing a literate sentence, is nearly as bad as her,,,,breath control.

  • WHAT!

    I hope Premo keeps that same beat for all of the cyphers, and if so then the TDE/Slaughterhouse Cyphers are gonna be something major this year. Not gassed up to see actors rap, but those two cyphers will probably be two of the best ever. Also, Astro & Problem killed it.

  • wat

    @WHAT!: TDE got the Shook Ones beat

  • tmon3ydadjmbr

    F this lol show a better cypher ..

  • krow132

    It was cool.

    Bad Luck was alright

    Asia is not as bad as yall make her out to be. Her rhymes were actually solid, shes just really bad with voice and breath control. She needs to perfect that shit and work more at it.

    Problem and Astro were the stand out

  • Wut

    Why that bitch Asia keep adlibbing Astro’s verse? “Yeah, aha, yeah”, shut the fuck up when you’re done rapping. She’s fine though.

  • kingtut

    Problem is a goddamn problem

  • J

    Astro was dope, Badd Lucc and Problem were ok but I wasn’t feeling Asia Sparks at all, she was all over the place and you would think with all of the artist Premo has worked with, he could give her some tips on flow etc?

  • J


  • Mike Tomlin

    “The one artist Kendrick can’t control.”

    And Drake tried to act like no one was talking about that verse anymore……………….

  • wat

    ^ Technically the cyphers were recorded before Drake went on his media run, but yeah he’s still wrong lol

  • problem! WHAAAAAAAATT