Blu x Nottz Announce Gods In the Spirit EP, Reveal Tracklist

blame it on JES7 September 29, 2013

Good news hip hop fans. Blu and Nottz are releasing a collaborative project! And after HerFavColor hinted at music on Twitter, the Dopehouse has gotten the green light to reveal the EP’s title and official tracklisting. No release date has been set but Gods in the Spirit drops October 22nd and includes six-tracks featuring the likes of ANTHM, Co$$, Aloe Blacc, Homeboy Sandman, Sene, Johaz, Rashad and more. Take a look at the titles below.

01 Boyz II Men f. Nitty Scott, MC
02 Creme of the Crop f. Versis & ScienZe
03 Crooks in Castles f. ANTHM, Homeboy Sandman, Sene & Johaz
04 End of the World f. Rashad
05 God Shit f. Aloe Blacc, Co$$ & Definite Mass
06 End of the World (rmx) f. Nottz

  • QZA

    Man, is this real life?

  • kendricklamardickrider


  • Danny

    ^ What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • MidaZ

    Nice!!!, another album to look forward to..

  • dagel

    dunno.. the last stuff blu has been involved in has been sorta blah. nothing ever gonna be good as below the heavens ya’ll can wake up now. and if you think thelonius king is even noteworthy you gay.


    ^^ dude has probably never even listened to any of the featured artists >.> the line up alone is quality enough. Not everything Blu makes must sound like BTH :\

  • myopp

    yes some of blu’s last few releases have been underwhelming instrumental and mix-wise, the lyrics have always been there and no one can take that away from him but i agree that the quality has seemed a it lackluster but nottz alone will provide the perfect canvas for blu to do what he does best i cant see nottz making some experimental shit like what blu has been doing lately. its definitely gonna have more soulful sample based instrumentals that brings the best out of blu

  • E


    More features than songs LITERALLY tho, smfh

  • ALD

    No York was very corny.. I don’t know how he thought those beats were good. Hopefully this will have at least 3 good ones.

  • ax


  • eddie

    Im still pissed Ronald Reagan wasnt on no York


    Rashad (of Elev8 the Game) x Nottz x Blu is a fucking dope line up. I’m looking forward to that track.

  • toolegit

    6 tracks buttfucked with features?… excuse me while i’m underwhelmed…. and give me my flowers is a classic album by the way. no contest. blu has been killing everything you twits

  • **UPDATED RELEASE DATE** Blu & Nottz – ‘Gods In The Spirit’ (EP): 10•22•13

  • Lord Quas

    oh shit, a Versis feature! where u been homie

  • jus10

    Homeboy sandman… sweeet.