• xxtx

    "Bitch, I might be"

    Gucci so fat, why would a broad fuck him?

  • The Truth Serum

    ^ cuz only skinny people have sex.

  • Thank Me

    Top 5 guts. The Black Santa Claus

  • jus10

    The life of a ridah ain't easy...

  • LA

    It's funny how Meka and the rest of you faggots ^^^ talk shit on the "INTERNET" but would never say shit to that mans face smh


  • Mike Tomlin

    "Gucci Mane are you pregnant?"

    "Bitch I might be"

  • basick

    When will these grown men GROW up

  • Jdjj

    Thar bitch i might be comment has been proven fake. It never happened. Never get ur fake news from tumblr

  • Cloud 9

    Keep Gucci and Boosie. They knew the fuckin law. Why do people support ignorance or breaking the law. If this nigga rapes a 16 year old girl y'all still would be saying #freegucci.
    Muthafuckin shame man.