Migos – Versace (Video)

blame it on Illy September 30, 2013

The Atlanta trio premiere the official visual to their summer anthem “Versace” directed by Gabriel Hart off their Young Rich Nigga mixtape. As a bonus, head down bottom to see the homie Mikey Fresh “interview” two of the three members (the other one’s been in jail for what’s seemed like forever at this point).

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  • brad stevens

    this song is so bad its like a parody of itself

  • Bang Bang

    Without Drizzy on this, it sounds like a Soulja Boy track

  • GODr

    WTF is this monkey shit? Minstrel show niggas.

  • LA

    I thought Jeremih was suppose to be on this? smh

    I’ll pass

  • GODr

    A parody of itself is spot on. Possibly the worst song in existence.

  • malcyvelli

    this shit is coonery at it’s finest, such a disrespect to black community I’m wondering if it’s some KKK members in blackface or some shit, looking like fucking clowns with all those colors on

  • RSX

    What do the clothes these guys are rapping about/wearing have to do with the black community? Versace is an international designer based in Milan…….

  • Skooby

    What’s the name of the song again? Just tell me one more time…

  • lmao i done said this shit before. these one hit wonder ass niggas. drake put them on. drake the only reason anyone listented to the song lets be fucking honest rofl. keep noping these fuckn clowns. they couldnt even get drake for the video

  • Bee Lansky

    Look like some broke ass ASAP Rocky, take this corny ish off!!

  • Nasty Ed

    what are they saying, Fersaci? i dont understand! wheres papoose? i like him better on it