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  • js

    yung net save euro

  • Ber

    shoutsout to vic getting thundercat on the track

  • brad stevens

    On that YNSP track nobody knew how to flow on that beat haha it was so off

  • mz

    Yung Net Save Yen

  • MixedHippy253

    shit is fuckin dope thank you for this

  • Zill15


  • blair

    im late on this dude. how is this tape? anyone?

  • http://soundcloud.com/ninobenitez Nino Benitez

    YNSP...same beat as Freddie Gibbs "Bout It Bout It"...Gibbs' flow just kills though.

  • damn

    They're both good, but you gotta admit Vic and Chance both sound SO fucking similar

  • ajay ali

    yessssssss!!!!! this shit is dope as hell i feel confident in saying that without hearing most of it lol

  • ajay ali

    i was so correct.....

  • soulo hoe

    Soul killed dt joint!

  • brandon

    i understand his whole thing is goin off beat but got damn almost every song?

  • bongwater

    when did Chance change his name?

  • three

    just because you heard chance first you think he stole chance's shit. they've been rhyming together for years, chill.

  • edon

    orange soda...

  • Billy

    Bad cover nice mixtape

  • Trollard Jones

    dis shit be garbage ya awwnah. where my chicken and doughnuts at nigga's oh yeah shoutout to dat nigga Randy Geffrand.

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  • nc0310

    This guy sounds alot like Chance