• Christopher Breaux

    I hope that black skin don't dirt that white tuxedo.

  • leather sofa

    JJ Evans camel face devil.

  • ringmancz

    it's Jay Z now, without the hyphen (but I don't care either)

  • ugh

    He says "We represent you guys" LOL Jay shut up. You don't represent anyone but yourself and your money. And yes, I believe she used a surrogate.

  • tew

    ^ what you believe is irrelevant. you are a soulless anonymous blogger on the internet. and that's all you are.

  • ummm

    She didn't use a surrogate. I saw Bey on NYE, a week before she had Blue. She was definitely pregnant.

  • adi Pre


  • Slumbag

    He doesn't subject his friends to the sickening money talk, what have we done to deserve it?

  • Fuck Jay Z – 2pac

    Jay Z is a great example on how people come up in America

    taking the credit of other peoples hard work

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    what rhymes with huge me??
    heyyyyy hey heeeeey
    what rhymes with jay ?
    heeeeeey heeeey heeeeey

  • nuff


  • ThatDude

    This boy loves to have them white people pat him on the back. You are not like the others. Get his ass away from hip hop fast. Where the fuck are the real hustlers like Dame?

  • Rocky Palos

    The site is 2dopeboyz, but the commentators seem like more than a few hoe girls