Pusha T – My Name is My Name (Album Stream)

blame it on Illy October 1, 2013

With the release of his debut solo album My Name Is My Name just under two weeks away, Pusha T offers an early listen by providing us with a full-length stream. Features and production coming from Kendrick Lamar (“Nosetalgia“), Kanye West, Big Sean and 2 Chainz (“Who I Am“), The-Dream, Rick Ross, The Neptunes, Chris Brown, Joaquin Phoenix, Don Cannon, Nottz and more. Pusha’s self-proclaimed “album of the year” can be heard below. Click play and let us know your thoughts!

STREAM: Pusha T – My Name Is My Name [MySpace]

  • DamnCam

    This Bitch says MySpace

  • I may be the only person, but I dislike the production of “Numbers On The Board”. Decent song, at best. But, overall I’m liking it far more than Drake’s estrogen piece, for real.

  • Smh

    Myspace??? LOL WTF

  • Willie N.Taylor

    Why you up my nose should’ve call it

  • malcyvelli

    @Ill Son nope, you’re on point, I didn’t like it either, felt like it was a half finished beat

  • This album is solid!! I’m gonna probably play this more then Drake! Still completely different artist and they represent different types of moods…Pusha for the hardbody records and Drake for the background music when ladies are around!!

  • blair

    dope record. let me love you was not necessary

  • Realist

    did u guys have to sign up for myspace to listen to it? if thats the case FUCK DAHT!

  • mistermilus

    nah no sign in needed ^

  • Let Me Love you, sounds like he was literally FORCED to record, lol. Tried hard to sound like Mase (cadences-wise), imo. But that song, along with “Numbers On The Board” & “Who I Am”, could’ve been kept. #1,3,6,7,10,11,12 are honestly an Ep that should’ve been put out 2yrs ago, smh. Good album, but was disappointed, by far. A few joints will be played consistently until another project circulates. But, not even on the heels of J. Cole’s, “Born Sinner” or Jay Z’s “MCHG”. #IJS

  • mistermilus


  • j

    feel like kanye overproduced pain, and let me love you is pretty “come on push, we need one of these on the album” type shit. but otherwise this sounds cool on 1st impression, who i am is awesome

  • DoubleClutch95

    Finally! Pusha never disappoints, and this album doesn’t change that fact.

  • lol @ the ngga who thought u need to sign up for myspace.. get out from under that rock guy. ok so i gave pusha another chance. hes just so boring no content cant rlly make a good song. he can rap but can he make a song that ppl will listen to over an over again? prolly not

  • BP

    Cool record, but forgettable. Far from the classic many of us expected after all this time, hype, potential…

  • LA


    Not one good Hip Hop album all year

  • One of the most under rated rappers in the game. Pusha has some of the best verses never gets credit for the work and talent he has.

  • Anil

    Rap AOTY fuck a drake

  • Nate Dza

    wait….joaquin pheonix?

  • jhock420

    Album is quite good, if it didn’t have so many singles that have been heard I thnk people would be talking differently, gonna bump this shit for years


    who the fuck thought Rockie Fresh, Casey Veggies, and Dyme a duzin were worthy of selling Puma? Does anyone actually like them??

  • jhock420

    hahahaa @PSYENCE, Veggies is alright the other 2 suck, sure as hell not gonna buy something because meek mill rocks it either

  • Shabba Ranks

    cuz meek mill is the worst rapper of all time, no offense to french

  • This Album doesnt really keep Your attention if You mention Drake immediately in Your Comment lol

    Sidenote: There’s NO way Pusha T will ever drop the Album He’d like to on a Major Label. He should be Indy. He’ll still get favors from Major Label Artists, wont have to clear samples and can release what He wants, when He wants.

  • Joe

    suicide is that classic pusha t straight up

  • Mt

    Definition of poverty rapper. MySpace? Really?

  • Mt

    @Pusha H, indies still have to clear samples (and they have less money/connections to get it done) and pusha has no problems burning bridges and doesn’t seem to do many favors himself (so your favorite rapper probably wouldn’t feature for free). He wouldn’t sell shit independently. Example: Fear of God 2.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    every pusha t song sounds the same.

    this nigga is as deep as a puddle.

    the puddle would sell more records too.

  • e

    fuck this solo shit we need a clipse album with pharrell on tha boards

  • Tmunz34

    a great album. Pusha actually spits real songs with a idea behind it. Most these rappers just rap about fake stuff money food chains started from the bottom etc. Pusha rap about his life things he has been through. One of the best to do it. Thank You Push AOTY
    Snitch,KIng push, sweet serenade, nostelagia, numbers, suicide hold on these are songs youll listen to over and over he has SUBSTANCE. most the people who like that radio rap dont know what that means.

  • Berg

    Y can’t I listen to any songs??

  • bongwater

    Danny Browns got AOTY locked down so far

  • Will

    This was a great album and it caught my attention to the dudes that talked about MCHG that album was mediocre at best and thats me sounding nice. The production on this album is far superior, which lends the point that it does not matter how many “legendary producers” you put in the room, because a nobody in this day and age probably has the potential to out produce them.

    He lyrically is sharper as well, Pusha reminds me of Gibbs both make hard hitting music and can both rap. I think the 2012-2013 year was great for hip-hop, especially with the music. I have seen both great underground and mainstream albums, progression is definitely being made.

  • malcyvelli

    Dope album, had a couple cuts I wish weren’t on there but nothing I can really say was whack

  • Raadius

    Hold On = *coma*


  • realtalk™

    That’s cute, he called his own album AOTY but no.

    Too many bullshit songs on here, about 4 songs that were worth waiting all these years for. Congrats to Pusha for conforming to mainstream America’s standards enough to get an album out on a major label. And congrats to GOOD Music for putting nothing but trash out this year.

  • basiclee

    Why is no one talking about how fuckin amazing S.N.I.T.C.H Is??????

  • 206FRE$H

    S.N.I.T.C.H is the joint tho….thats that star trek MOB shit that invented a “hypebeast” fool.

  • marty mcfly

    So far I feel the same way about this album as I did about Yeezus. I like half the album, the other songs not so much.

  • mpls612

    this is my shit! this is the style i wanted to hear from him. i can actually listen to this album all the way through, but pusha i feel is definitely at his best when he’s doing a song produced by pharrell! one last thing though… what happened to the song he did with just blaze?

  • Exhibit C

    I don’t like giving my opinion on albums so early cause there’s been a lot of albums I really liked on first listen but then they fizzle and I don’t listen to them at all like a month after the release. But so far after two listens I’m really excited about what I’m hearing from MNIMN.

  • Omega

    Ya, definitely 7/12 tracks I mess with heavy! Gotta support Pusha MNIMN

  • j

    nah i thought the fear of god releases were about as deep as pusha is in the things he raps about these days, but wrath of caine and this are way better. this album feels and sounds more like an event where those were all pretty low-key. king push, numbers, sweet serenade, hold on, suicide, who i am, nosetalgia and snitch are all good shit

  • LaSeanAbSOLute

    This shit is beautiful.

  • 2dopecansuckmydikk

    Yall niggas fucking haters! I bet yo bitch would suck the skin off my dick too that new Drake b4 she rides on your bicycle and listens to the bullshit on your ipod. pusha t raps abt the same shit over, over and over.. DOPE! CRACK! and other played out as shit.. I hate him hop heads you soo fuckin closed minded forgetting that biggie & pac push the limits on music. THIS SHITS ASSSSSSS luck if he meets yeeus in the land of gold plaques..

  • 2dopecansuckmydikk

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHAAAAA “NO REGRETS” is a drake rip smh “screaming no regrets” LMFAO push could never be a Headliner… better keep suckin kanyes titty

  • YUHH

    Album of the year…only kids appreciate that drake music, even though his album was good, he aint effin with pusha t on that hardcore hip hop.

  • chu the conqueror

    Decent album. Wrath of Caine and Fear of God were MUCH bettter.