Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Meek Mill & French Montana Bet $120,000 on Five Basketball Shots (Video)

blame it on Illy October 1, 2013

Rozay, Khaled, Meek, and French bet $120,000 on five basketball shots at Ross’ Atlanta mansion during BET Hip Hop Awards weekend. Here’s how all of that turned out…

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  • WW

    None of these bums should have $5 between them.

  • CM

    If these guys fell off the face of music, the world would be a better place.

  • Zmoney

    Its funny cause there just as bad at basketball, as they are at “rapping”

  • realtalk™

    I guess Rick Ross really did slang crack rock, cause he sure as hell ain’t got a wicked jump shot..

  • feelit


  • GODr

    Yeah, fuck poor people.

  • jojoba

    Ive never seen some people more proud of being bad basketball players then these mother fuckers

  • LMAO “they shouldve never gave You niggas Money.”

  • Skooby

    This is whats wrong with the culture right here..

  • Dre

    So khaled will donate 10k to a local school but will wager more on a fuckin game of shootaround, and these are the fools that represent hiphop

  • j1

    Yall niggas are corny and haters. If you had that money then you can comment until then broke niggas shut the hell up and stop hating on these niggas, danm. Yall niggas hate on anything that’s mainstream even though its better than half the underground shit yall listen too.

  • ComSense

    You know who’s REALLY mad? French and Meek’s accountants. Ross is the only one who could afford that. Khalid was STRESSING.

  • showman3000

    Dying…actually no I’m DEAD! —> None of these bums should have $5 between them.