Rihanna - Pour It Up (Video)

Rihanna (finally) debuts her long-awaited music video for strip club anthem "Pour It Up" off her latest album, Unapologetic and it features strippers (obviously) and a lot of water.

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  • drake

    why would you dislike this video.......you guys don't make sense.

  • Damn.

    The outro....she did that on purpose man!

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    she's fake now......

  • woo

    she's fake now? lol where have you been? if this is fake then you obviosly haven't listened to or seen this chick

    song is still banging. along with her body.

  • the rap bandit

    This is some Disney on Ice shit for the fuck boys. Rih Rih needs to gain like 20 pounds and then twerk.

    • t

      You nasty.

  • dfasdas@live.com

    Anyone else find the beat haunting and sinister in regards to the content? It doesn't quite mesh.

  • Mac Dre

    @dfasdas@live.com Mike WiLL Made It's production last year was all kinda like that. Like a mix between Lex Luger and Noah "40" Shebib. I don't think these lyrics are any more out of place than "Bandz A Make Her Dance"

  • Hey-Zeus


  • TheycallMeDutch

    "anyone else find this beat haunting or sinister"..once said by a dummy..you illuminati this illuminati that niggas need Pussy or sumthin forreal..this the same exac track as "Bands a make her dance" slowed down..idiot..is tht sinister as well

  • Dee

    Mac Dre bandz make her dance was typical, this not so much. Her body is not very shapely either, this bitch has a pancake ass. She used to have a nice body ever since she been fucking around with mainstream white culture she has adopted a sort of iron board cut out body, sophie dee got a better body than this bitch.

  • DFG

    Rihanna always makes bullshit music especially now she is far from her soul days she is a negro version of shitty perry this is for the officer ricky nigger boys and the jews. The classy Africans like me stay away from this pancake shakin bullshit hotep.


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