• Pesse Jinkman

    Leftovers huh? Well the last album was horrible so forgive me if I don't jump out of my seat.... This should be mediocre at best. Bro just ain't got it without the Pimp. I mean shit at least have some interesting features. I can tell you now that the tracks with Devin & Z-Ro will be garbage with Kirko likely crooning the hook. Bun has a horrible beat selection. I mean you ain't gonna throw any tracks together with Spitta, Gibbs or Dom. Ain't nobody wanna hear a feature with Rick Ross from 3 years ago. The "Fire" track is weak. C'mon step your game up... This is 1/2 UGK we're talking about. Forgive me for having high standards and expectations. They coined Country Rap Tunes....so get back to it.