Chuck Inglish – Came Thru / Easily f. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul

blame it on Illy October 4, 2013

Off Chuck Inglish’s upcoming Easily EP which will then be followed up by his full-length album, Convertibles, arriving February 11, 2014.

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  • Wonton Soup


  • milly’s wrong

    “I’m getting getting turnt like a page” – Ab-soul really gets away with being wack all the time

  • realtalk™

    I agree Ab-Soul is really wack when he’s just rapping about nothing like on this song.. when he gets more introspective is when he is at his best

  • These guys are getting away with really talking about nothing. Oddisee is right. For these dudes to make music that says something is difficult.

  • milly’s wrong

    even when Ab-soul is “introspective”, it’s not introspective at all. He yells out a few conspiracies, or mentions the unpopular opinion. There’s no depth to what he says..I hate how people say he’s a deep MC. Nah he’s splashing in the shallow end of the pool

  • So every single song in the history of rap has to be talking about something. You can’t just chill or vibe sometimes?

  • Blu_e

    Soul is a deep MC or at least was when he rapped about more things than just conspiracy theories.Even though thats not only what he talks about but he does mention it more than ever before now. But than again Control System was a concept album so you never know what he might touch on in his next project

  • @cloud9, no one is saying that you have to be super thoughtful in every song but come on, man, what exactly is this?

    If you wanna make a “bragger” track, you can lace it some better shit than what is in this record. These guys ain’t even tryin’.

    If these guys were athletes and they came off this half assed in an actual game, niggas would trash these dudes, so why any different in a song.

  • three

    you lames really dont leave the house and hit the bars and clubs very often do you?

  • Billy

    Somebody sounds insecure lol. I don’t think I’ve heard more wack punchlines from a “lyrical” rapper than I have from Ab-Soul. Even when he tries to be meaningful it comes off sounding shallow as fuck. I’m still a fan though.

  • mz

    Soul is dope and a deep MC .

    But he does slick say some cheesy shit alot.
    Im still getting over take a Photo like a 4 seater.

  • beenpast

    sounds all materialistic and worried about the wrong shit, may appeal to some.

    all these dudes got so much dough yet everyones suffering.. all fake shit. imo.


  • Lord

    Man to me, TDE is going too mainstream. Collard Greens, KDot on these pop songs giving them weak bars. Smh

  • ehhh

    I like Chuck and Ab-Soul but I don’t like this song at all.

  • this song is dope. why is everybody so pressed about them making “deep” music? its just a song to slump in your car not to enlighten you with social commentary. gtfoh.