Lauryn Hill Released From Prison

blame it on Meka October 4, 2013
Lauryn Hill

It’s really not so much a coincidence that she dropped that new track last night now. It has been reported that as of 4am today Lauryn was released from the Federal Correctional Institution after serving roughly three months for tax evasion charges.

Lauryn’s out, Ja Rule’s out… all we need now is Lil Boosie to come home and we’re back in business.

  • brad stevens

    Meka, are you one of the people who says “free boosie?” or “free _____”? so just because you enjoy their music, you can disregard the blatant crimes they committed in order to end up in jail? So basically, you support a wide variety of crimes, as long as they make good music? Always thought that was one of the most ass-backwards logics there is

  • x

    Lauryn Hill is garbage. I like Boosie’s music but he just on that koon shit.

  • who cares

    Co-sign brad.
    On another note, can someone tell me what makes Boosie so good? I always hear people say ‘Free Boosie’, but the dude’s music was average at best. Plus, there was that voice of his. *shudders*

  • Tony

    It’s not that Lauryn Hill is garbage, it’s just that Lauryn Hill is probably broke. This track isn’t anything special, are we to get so wound up in all of the big words she uses and forget that she isn’t really saying much of anything. Are we to ignore this fact simply on the merits of who she is? The woman ends every other line with either ‘ism’ or is him’ a couple of other choices. There are lines where she only says words that end in ‘ism.’ Maybe her goal is for us to hate her new music and go out and purchase the Miseducation again. Repercussions was way better than this trying to hard nonsense. NEXT.

  • B-Rad Killah

    I think Meka was being sarcastic, B-Rad.

  • FakirWise

    It’s just taxes…who the fuck cares if she evaded paying them. Nobody should have to pay them just so our government can do what they wish with it against your say regardless.

  • LA

    The first three comments are the same person, I bet you! Faggot ass boy burn in hell

  • who cares

    @LA – Yea, because me commenting on this site for years means nothing. I didn’t say anything about Boosie as a person, I was asking specifically about his music and why people are attached to it.

  • SforMusic

    Until a time where u dont have to pay them @FakirWise u either pay your taxes or enter a worst fate like Lauryn Hill. The fucked up part is she probably though the same shit u did.

  • NesTa

    Its not that u SHOULDN’T have to pay taxes…its that u DON’T. There are ways to disregard the IRS’ advances to steal your money…look that shit up, its within your rights to not pay…w/o court involvement. Lauryn fucked up in not going about it the proper way.