• T9FTW

    Dope track. Simple video.

    It should also be noted he expressed a desire to change his name to just "eXquire" because he felt he's too grown to have a name like "Muthafuckin'".

  • adolfmayne

    Could of picked a better a song

  • Blu_e

    eXquire is the most underrated rapper coming out of NY right now

  • Eric Clapton in a Black Benz

    Kismet is dope of you haven't listened to it

    I thought those were 2 other guys until they turned towards the camera lol

  • Bongwater


    one of the best mixtapes of the year just got even better

    fucking awesome

  • http://dxmxaz.tumblr.com/ District Me

    shout out to MFK

  • mfj.

    if you're not playing this with speakers you're not doing anything with your life