Saturday Night Sexy: Christiane Kroll

blame it on Illy October 5, 2013

Twitter: @itsChristiK/Instagram: itschristik

L.A.-based Danish/Spanish model (and actress) Christiane Kroll struts a few poses and shows out with her flawless physique in this week’s SNS.

christiane-kroll_01 christiane-kroll_02 christiane-kroll_03 christiane-kroll_04 christiane-kroll_05 christiane-kroll_06 christiane-kroll_07 christiane-kroll_08 christiane-kroll_09 christiane-kroll_10 christiane-kroll_11 christiane-kroll_12
  • malcyvelli

    dat ass…

  • perverted peter

    i want to ffuckk her in her ear so fucking hard. gawdddddddddddddddddddddddd!

  • JHP

    Might just be the best one yet, I think I’m in love haha

  • Jus10

    Her face look mad different in almost every picture.
    But that first pic had me.

  • Mac Dre

    Best. SNS. Ever.

  • LA

    If you have any complaints about her you are a fucking homosexual

    I would lick her from head to toe!

  • lmao @LA… yea, dudes are mad dike ass broads on this site if this bitch ugly, seriously… smh, sexy af on her instagram, tho…

  • gbreeze

    wife, im nutting inside pussy and not pullin out at all

  • Will Da God

    She looked half African in some pics then white in others weird. She does have a very average face so nah. Her face says do I know you, or have we met or better yet you look like so and so, in other words basic. This is something for the Euro’s not me.

  • Lol not for you? Mad suspect.
    This chick is BAD. So bad I had to follow her on instagram immediately lol

  • Shakeem Muhammed

    I Like her, she has a nice body.

    I’m gonna see what type of shoots she had

  • jundamane24


  • really doe

    There’s always one fool to disagree with a nearly flawless chick.. Good job 2dbz..

  • wth

    ANYONE who denies this women is gorgeous is either gay or never slept with a women before and are frontin real hard. This female is incredible, and has a body made for sex.

  • 12

    she has abs. i like abs

  • nigga…

    her face looks different in every picture? could it be that she has different expressions??? what type of question is that?

  • maaaaaannnnnn

    I wanna drop one in that azzzzzz damn

  • KING

    Good lord take me home and do unholy things to me

  • ThatDude

    you niggaz are desperate. This bitch aint show you nothing but her thighs, and legs. Get off the interweb and stop jerking off.


    meh..another white chick

  • Fuck This Shit

    This bitch is average at best fuck these lame hoes if Shake wants to post some shit like this post some semi nude pics or pornstar pics cuz this shit is wack

  • dealwititkidz

    wack, ive seen better

  • Jay

    ^^^ FAGS

  • lol

    We forget we got bitches that use this site too and im sure the ugly bitches on here are responsible for 90% of the hating and the other 10% just some closet homo niggas. This bitch is bad

  • Craig G

    Nah G, met her @ a video shoot..she goes

  • young nigga

    I really want a twerk session from baby girl

  • Thank Me

    She might be the best one yet.

  • Verfow

    This chick is average as hell,I swear most dudes who like her are disgruntled black dudes, who like these mongrel whores. You boys need some pride this bitch is average and yes I am European. Stop fucking jacked up mutts maybe if you nigs had some pride your race would not be so damn colorist.

  • lol

    ^^ u just a racist using words like mongrel and mutt. most of what u say has to do with her bein mixed.eitherway u a faggot the bitch u fuckin prolly look like eli manning

  • dagel


  • Da Gawd