e-dubble - Backseat


"This song is in a major key. So it's fun to sing along to hopefully" - e-dubble

Something new from the upcoming Baltimore talent. Produced by Vini Vici.

Reset available now on iTunes.

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  • eric

    absolutely amazing

  • Derrick

    Shits dope.

  • Peaco

    another hot track Edub! bring back freestyle Friday!

  • Anthony

    Nice hook

  • Euan.A

    Holy shit, are you even capable of producing a bad song? E, you're unstoppable, every track you make is awesome!

  • luke


  • Diego

    I have yet to hear a bad song from e-dub. He never ceases to amaze me! Killem!

  • don’t need no hand dap


  • A. Singh

    E-Dubble consistently fails to disappoint. This installment in his First Fridays series is very different from the month before. Although it's different in the mood, you can still tell that this is a song by E-Dubble as its easily recognizable from his style and lyricism - a strong reason why I'm still a fan of his music. This song in particular resembles very closely to one of my favorite songs by him (Let Me Oh). This song will easily last a month. He deserves more exposure.


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