Erykah Badu Says Drake Has to Respond to Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Miss_Peas October 5, 2013

A snippet of King Kendrick’s BET cypher was leaked a few days ago and it has everyone talking. While some may assume that it’s directed toward’s Drake, other’s (including Papoose) may think otherwise. Not one to shy away from her opinions, Ms. Badu took to Twitter to encourage Drake to respond. “This HipHop” afterall. Your move, Drake.


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  • sigh

    what’s the point of these ‘battles’? They’re both famous and there’s people on both sides, hating the other artist. There’s no such thing as better, music is objective. So why the hell is kendrick starting such pointless shit? He acting like the little brother that don’t get enough attention, so he breaks mommy’s favourite vase.

    • Dione Jessica

      Because this is Hip-hop and also, it’s entertaining. I’m not fully convinced that you’re a fan of Hip-hop. Hmmm…

  • ^ Bro this is always how Hip-Hop has been, from the beginning. It’s what separates Hip-Hop from any other type of music!

  • qww

    rap is just a bunch of sneak dissers and pussys now I’m not even interested in a battle between 2 rappers anymore. even kendricks shit was a sneak diss

  • Lil Cris

    Why the fuck would Kendrick waste his time responding to Papoose lame ass? This nigga trying his best to become relevant,Of course it was a diss to Drake , Fuck would Kendrick get out of a battle with Papoose,With that being said Drake would EAT that nigga K Dot’s Food.

  • Slim

    @sigh your comment is bitch made.

  • DeezNuts

    How the fuck some think Kendrick actually responded to lame ass Papoose?

    Papoose is not on Kendrick’s radar, trust me.

  • LA

    @Slim and @Xander Yall have to realize @sigh is probably 13 or 14 years old he knows nothing about true Hip Hop

  • sigh

    what I know is that there’s disses made because someone spoke shit or did something against you or your boys, there’s disses from a nobody at someone famous to try and get attention, and then there’s disses that serve no purpose. Sorry if I don’t know what true hip hop is.

  • fuck2dopebois

    drake cant start any beef with an emcee cus drake is a frail emo rapper/singer. look at his whole camp. if you think ymcmb is hip hop im sorry please go back to hip hop history class.

  • fuck2dopebois

    i like kendrick but dude be dick riding industry niggas too dont front kdot groupies soryy

  • peaceofpi

    Wow, this post is so interesting

  • F A C T

    This is hip hop. But drake ain’t hip hop

  • jwiii

    badu just a big old baby momma groupie. she’ll be pumping one out by kendrick in no time probably

  • dylahn

    hahaahah @jwiii

    but Drake aint gon go @ Kendrick bcuz Kendrick’s bulletproof yo. Drake would need a year to come up w 6 bars at Kendrick ; Kendrick needs 6 minutes to come up w/ a 16 to really fuck Drakes shit up.. Drake cant win, he aint respondin.

    i think Kendrick could really hurt Drakes career fam; make the shit people talk about Drake a ANTHEM. Drakes good music would always overcome it, but it would still be a stain.

  • that nigga drake said

    Fuck beefin over records Drake been disrespecting this nigga on some personally shit,sayin nigga verse was aite nothing special & aint nobbody playin that shit no mo,that nigga Drake said you beefin on some homeboy shit ,nigga if you gonna come at him dont come at him like you want problems then when you see a nigga act like we boyz,my nigga Drake said he dont respect that shit nigga,make it authrntic if you gonna really come at niggas,dont do it for attention, my nigga Drake said he aint no records wit the nigga, that nigga drake say you weak as fuck

  • Truth.

    Kendrick makes good music, Drake used to make good music but thats only my opinion. Who ever you like more good for you. Lets not pretend that a lot of these industry dudes just work with who ever because they want the money or lack skills or character to carry themselves. Kendrick’s disses aren’t subliminal if everyone knows who dropped NWTS and that the artist is soft as fk it served its purpose. Nobody in hip-hop is exempt from being checked.

  • LOUD

    Yall niggas actin like kendrick aint have the best song on that nigga drake last album
    Buried alive >take care the album

  • What’s funny to me, ppl want to say this and that abt Hip-Hop’s battles. Keyword; battles. There hasn’t been one in Hip-Hop, that meant more to the culture in a minute. Drake, Hip-Hop’s biggest star in the last 4yrs, whether I believe it or not, or want to accept it. Kendrick, the rookie that dropped an amazing piece of work for his debut last year. Who both will do amazing things for Hip-Hop. For them to battle would be an easy win for Kendrick, but Drake WILL put up a fight unless he does some emo sing-a-long trying to be hard. That itself don’t even sound right, but sounds like something Drake would do, ha.

    Anywho, this battle is need. Drake (the female’s champ, more like chump) vs. Kendrick (the new guy in town, who’s actually making substantial records), would be publicized for the nxt few yrs if actually happened. But, then we will AGAIN be in a standstill amongst battles if this the ONLY one that comes about. #ijs

  • Lames**t

    Lame.. All this is lame.. Lets be serious. Why is Pac consider one of the greatest rappers? BiG? Jay-z, Enimem? Big L? Pun? Not cause there battle rappers. Because of there music and major influence.. All this nonsense about this being about hip hop is bs. True hip hop ya say? but y then does kendrick goes after drake? 90 percent of the time people are talking about how not hip hop but he’s the one kendrick needs to go at to make this hip hop s**t….hip hop. Keep it funky .. kendrick took shots at the most popular rappers of the time. Ones who are consider to be in his level of fame and isnt trying to outrap them.. When Jay-z took a shot at nas.. that was hip hop.. Jay-z had nothing to gain from that..significantly bigger then nas at the time and nas was a lyricist.. the truest essence of hip hop at the time and Jay-z had something to prove lyrically. This is right here Kendrick and drake.. simple tactic.. attack the most popular rapper in his bracket.. in attempt to supersede that bracket.. (read 48 laws of power.) Here’s my advice kendrick… make music.. get back to what you are know from.. great music, but if you are so incline to go at drake Your wasting your time attacking drake indirectly.. same his name straight out.. every battle that was truly epic.. was the ones that were direct.


    drake started this though…if anything drake should have been mad if kendrick didn’t mention him. Sure it was a backhanded compliment but it’s purpose was to make a fun track. it wasn’t that serious

  • For someone to actually place Jay Z of ALL PPL who make indirect shots at ppl, bad analogy. Jay-Z did make an ACTUAL diss record, dissing Nas at the same time stated his name. Kendrick stated who he’s cool with (we knw the names, as well the verse where he stated them) showing them love but at the same time told them to step their game up. For that, he was going to make sure he outdoes them. Plain and simple.

    Now, the ppl who caught feelings and made it PUBLIC were the reason he reacted the way he did. But, too we only seen a 15sec snippet of what he says (on the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher) so we don’t honestly knw the full verse. Too, it’s public enough for ppl to knw who he’s talking about subliminally. If not, then if this actually goes to diss records, I have no doubt in my mind he, meaning Kendrick, will state who he’s referring to.

  • randy

    dont you people get tired of saying the same shit over and over and over and over again about this guy you allegedgly dont care for? you obviously cant live without drake. you’re hear to make 30 of the same comments about him on every article. the guy is your life.

  • Devante

    Kendrick in a rap battle would lyrically annihilate Drake. Drake may make a better hit song, but MC wise, Kendrick would eat Drake for breakfast.

  • Devante

    As Kendrick said, but this is hip hop you niggas should know what time it is. I’m a Drake fan, but he is overly sensitive. Every other rapper he named is just like iiighttt I gotta get in the studio. Drake’s all like “Ken Ken, are we still friends?”

  • Will

    Kendrick is nothing but hype that 15 seconds or snippet of his freestyle was not promising to me. The dude is being engulfed in hype, I am not saying he is not a good MC, because he is but people are becoming elitist over this nigga. There are lots of MC’s out there that are killing it more than he is and their plane of creativity is far superior.

    Drake is also a creative rapper/singer he is in his own lane there is nothing wrong with his music to me, I think the Young Money name is what brings most of the hate in for him. I listen to all types of hip-hop from Cannibal Ox to 2 chainz. People who hate on him hate, because he shows himself as vulnerable and human while others put on facades and appear god-like meaning that everything is perfect for them. Drake is just as talented and can easily enhance his skills and come out with some hard shit, comeback season drake is still possible.

  • hova scotia

    from 3 stacks to jay elect to kendrick….got off the next man’s dick, hun

  • Compton vs Canada? You gotta be shittin me!

    Drake is pretty creative, but what can he come back at Kendrick with? You can’t really dig up that much dirt on a solid dude like K Dot. Nobody buys Drake as a tough guy so he can’t act rah rah either. So what can he do? Play the money card? Nope, Kendrick made like 9 mill last year according to Forbes AND he on a independent. The only chance I see for Drake is if he goes finds Sherane and fucks her. But Drake the type of dude to pay her child support and buy her a new wardrobe.

  • marty mcfly

    Alot of you are gonna be mad as hell if Drake actually comes back and disses Kendrick and does it with a skill level that from a rhyming standpoint is lyrically better then what Kendrick can deliver. Drake imo is like the kid who’s cool with everybody and never causes any trouble and just leaves other people alone and then one day someone fucks with him and he just flips out and beats the complete shit outta the so called tough kid on campus LOL.

  • marty mcfly

    It could go either way but if Drake makes a record and just straight up has better rhymes period and better disses then alot of Kendrick fans are gonna be so hurt they probably gon send Drake death threats over it.

  • marty mcfly

    @Compton vs Canada, Kendrick didnt make 9 million dollars as an independent artist. If Aftermath and Interscope put promo behind a album then its really not independent at the point. Furthermore I dont think Kendrick should throw any attacks at Drake based on money and part of the reason people dont buy Drake as a tough guy is because during the promo for Thank Me Later he said himself he wasn’t a tough guy. Just saying

  • biff tannen

    Papoose > kendrick and drake. As far as battling goes.

    Get mad.

  • ear2ear

    funny how everyone complains that drake isn’t “real” hip-hop and that his albums are 50% R&B yet still want him to behave like a “hip-hop” artist and battle. It actually says more about Kendrick that he’s baiting a guy to battle him who you all consider to be soft and an R&B artist as I read through these comments. LOL. Ok, you guys can’t have it both ways. You can’t say well Drake is really an R&B musician and soft and then say but he has to be a part of a hip-hop battle. Personally I think Drake would hold his own in a battle with Kendrick Lamar. Especially after that BET Cypher that high five thing was one of the corniest moments I can remember. I don’t buy this newfound persona of Kendrick Lamar where he mimics Eminem. I would rather he focus on his music because he’s very talented and he’s wasting time and energy on a battle that’s just of the moment.

  • nuff

    shut up niggaz, Drake aint hip hop but gay music

  • the realest


    Easy. Cuz drake calls himself a rapper. And if he’s gonna do un-rapper things like sing, then he needs to do rapper things like battle and beef. You say you number one, gotta fight for it.

    Kendrick mad corny. @lameshit got it right with the laws of power observation. I been said Kendrick did a 50 cent move and 50 got in his ear. And 50 a mason. Kendrick just a plain dick rider I see. First he anti-industry with absoul now this nigga a straight up industry hoe. Niggaz got mad hype for Kendrick for what? Bcuz he makes music about a everyday life with bars that would consider him an average rapper of the golden age. So again, what’s the hype? It’s simply bcuz he’s “the good guy.” Niggaz talking bout drake ain’t no tough guy. Neither is Kendrick. Just bcuz he does his little angry voice while rapping doesn’t mean he’s gangsta. If anything dude needs to calm down in his little rap tales. What you so upset for lol? Dude is just a lame. Lol niggaz talking bout he got a classic with GKMC. What classic tracks does this cornball have? Where’s his dead presidents? His can I lives? His one mics? Changes? This nigga is dumb overrated bcuz he’s an okay lyricist in the music era of rap.

  • marty mcfly

    If Drake aint hip hop thats cool cause its not like his music is about fitting in boxes and under titles anyway. Thats just gonna make it hurt so much more if Kendick loses lyrical warfare to an R&B singer LOL. Hey he asked for it so hopefully Papoose will drop his song soon and then Drake will respond. Keebler Lamar better get his raps together immediately LOL.

  • x7xdoomx7x

    Says the person who falls off the planet and shuns her fans. K.Dot. average at best!

  • MusicHead

    Marty McFly is the greatest Kdot hater & Jay-Z DICKRIDER smh..he been hating on on Kdot since Kdot murdered Jay on the BDKMV remix.. & he rather Drake win than Kendrick cuz he deep hate that Kendrick takin over from all type of points.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ When you said Kendrick “killed” Jay on the Vibe remix I said good I guess it must be a good song then LOL. As far as who ever wins a battle? I dont “rather” anybody win but in my personal opinion Drake actually has dope lyrics and Kendrick has an army of dickriders who say Kendrick is the greatest MC ever but then this happens and ya’ll act like your in fear of a Drake response LOL. You probably only know the verses to like two Kendrick songs but yet you think this guy can fuck with Drake? I’ll believe it when I see it and we already know Papoose is just too much for Kendrick to battle so he’ll just have to take that on the chin. Like I said before im from the westcoast so part of me wants to see Kendrick just come out and smash on both Drake and Papoose but honestly I just dont think he can lyrically. The smoking mirrors of it all is that you Kendrick stans are so fanatical that Kendrick could just continue to throw lightweight jabs here and there and you fools will believe its the greatest display of lyricism ever in hip hop. So its all just interesting to me and thats aside from the point that Drake the R&B singer might fuck around and put a dent in Kendricks armor. I really believe that the reason Drake hasn’t fired on him yet his because he knows Kendrick cant fuck with him and he’s thinking should he even waste his time with him? Tell Kendrick keep sending shots…

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly u are one delusional man say Kendrick can’t fuck with Kendrick is just sad.. I know all Kendrick shit so stop on that earlier claim but nevertheless..Kendrick will body any nigga on some rap serious u know damn well Drake can’t lyricky hang w/ Kendrick smh

  • Marty Mcfly need to get a job on somebody’s blog. I wouldn’t personally read it but he’ll have posts for days.

  • marty mcfly

    @MusicHead, again I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT and the “pin the tail on the donkey” rhymes? Thats not gonna do it. LOL

  • obvious

    drake already responded to Kendrick, its called the language. How come its so easy to assume Kendrick was dissing drake in that 15 second clip but so hard to notice the obvious response drake put out? @marty if people are scared drake might body Kendrick I think its safe to assume you’re scared to admit drake responded already and it was so weak nobody even noticed enough to bring it up lol

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah nobody cares about that response cause its indirect thats really just an album song that fits into the larger sound of NWTS and through out the course of hip hop, responses are usually counted as full records not just a line here and there and a verse here and there. Even if you wanna count The Language as a response thats fine with me. Doesn’t mean people cant still expect a response from Drake cause like you said nobody noticed a response from Drake and thats cause maybe that wasn’t a response. Drake could’ve been just rhyming to complete the song and Keebler Lamer fit into its context. When Drake makes something “obvious” as a response you wont have to ask me about The Language cause you will have a more “obvious” response.

  • marty mcfly

    You people dont want Drake to respond cause if you did your comments would be about how you want a response, not about how Kendrick wasn’t talking to Drake or about what he said on The Language. Anybody who doesn’t wanna see a battle between Drake and Kendrick is more likely just not wanting to hear Drake’s diss cause they know it’ll probably be dope.

  • obvious

    You don’t create hip hop definitions, a response is a response, I know the definition of the word. You can make a whole diss record, or you can simply respond as if a full diss record isn’t needed. But Kendricks cypher “diss” was indirect also, and clearly a lot of people care about it.

  • obvious

    @marty sounds like you’re referring to like 1 or 2 people when you say “you people”, because it looks as if most of the comments are about wanting a drake response and what the outcome would be. Unless we lookin at 2 different sections

  • marty mcfly

    So Drake made a very in general speaking song called The Language, and? So what, cause the fact he made that song makes no difference. That does not mean Drake cant respond to Kendrick’s indirect (in which he references Drake’s album) cypher verse. It all comes down to if Drake is ok with Kendrick playing games with him or if he feels like its time to let the rap fans of hip hop know that he’s really not the one you should play games with. Drake said himself he’s not the nigga to fuck with. Its up to him if he feels like he should make an example outta Kendrick or not. What was said on The Language makes no difference at this point.

  • marty mcfly

    A song like the The Language only makes it seem even more like Kendrick cant fuck with Drake. If Drake threw in a few lines at the last minute b4 turning the album in and styled on Kendrick on a song about fucking bitches and then the album goes gold in a week after that then damn Drake is winning on all levels if thats the case and thats even when he aint even really trying to diss. LOL, a full out diss record would be an even bigger problem if thats the case.

  • obvious

    well neither you or me knows how much effort drake put into the language to actually go at kendrick, denying that is just you dickriding. and even more dickriding mentioning drake going gold an a week, with that logic kendrick must be killing the shit out of papoose lol because the gap between pap and kendricks first week sales is much larger than the gap betweens kendricks and drakes. and which imaginary guy is mentioning that drake shouldnt respond to kendrick?, you lose me everytime with that

  • marty mcfly

    I would say this to Drake, just make a “diss” record without even dissing Kendrick. Cause obviously his fans would feel a certain way and just be hella emotional about it. Just aim a record at Kendrick and straight up out rap him and let the obvious distance in lyrical ability speak for itself.

  • marty mcfly

    @obvious, are we talking about Papoose or Kendrick? If we’re still talking about Drake then like I said, he can still respond to what was said by Kendrick on the BET cypher. Whatever you view as a response to Kendrick from Drake before that makes no difference and you missed the point of my opinion on The Language but whatver. If we’re talking about Papoose? It actually makes 10x more since for him to continue to throw shots at Kendrick then it does not to.

  • marty mcfly

    @obvious, are we talking about Papoose or Drake? I mean…

  • marty mcfly

    The fact you consider The Language as a diss from Drake also makes him look like a better artist. Most of the people who heard that song just thinks its a clever song which was mostly about whatever. Bitches, money, etc… Its been days since NWTS was out and the only person who thinks Drake made a diss to Kendrick is you so far.

  • why

    Marty you kind of sound like a dickrider right now just saying

  • marty mcfly

    @why, Thats such a basic way at looking at shit. Whether you a fan of Drake or Kendrick or just battling in general all of my points and opinions remain the same.

  • why

    My viewpoint is that you keep calling everybody on here who even remotely supports Kendrick a dickrider, but yet the way your championing Drake on your shoulders right now looks the same exact thing to me. What you’re doing is exactly what they do. You’re also showing you’re bias toward Kendrick. I don’t like Drake’s music at all but can respect his lyrical ability, but to sit here and say Kendrick is average at best is just not true. I’m not saying he’s the best at all, but average? Come on now

  • marty mcfly

    I “keep” calling Kendrick supports dickriders?… Nah, I hardly ever use that term against people and the very few times I do its in a general speaking context about the overalls in hip hop. Most times I’ve used the term dickriders it was used in a certain way. However you think I feel about Drake in comparison to Kendrick really makes no difference in regards to this potential battle. If I thought Kendrick could win in this battle, 90% of all my comments and opinions on the matter would still be the same. Its not a bias I have in regards to this issue, Its a straight up opinion. I DO NOT THINK KENDRICK IS BETTER LYRICALLY THEN DRAKE and thats in battle or in song. Thats not a bias thats just straight up telling you what it is. I didnt say Kendrick was average, you said that.

  • obvious

    @marty actually the language has said to be a kendrick diss all over the internet, fact. so its not just me, but me mentioning papoose was only to point out your flawed logic. because when speaking on papoose you say numbers and popularity is irrelent and its about lyrics right? but when speaking on drake you mention numbers and popularity as one of the reasons drake is “winning”, becuase you probabyl know when it comes to comparing drake and kendrick you need everything you can get to make it look like drakes the superior mc.

  • obvious


  • obvious

    when you compared pap and kendrick you didnt say anything about kendrick winning did you? no, numbers didnt matter in that discussion because you’re clearly dickriding drake by mentioning him “winning” as if that has anything to do with whos the better mc. you dont need a more than “basic” way of looking at how your dickriding drake, its basic knowledge lol thits not that hard to figure out

  • why

    Ok I can respect your opinions, my only thing is you keep making it seem like Kendrick straight up said fuck Drake. Drake is the one who took shit out of context by saying he doesn’t think people will ever work with Kendrick again because of that verse. Kendrick is responding to that RESPONSE, and yes that is a response. Just because it’s not on wax and over a beat doesn’t mean it’s not a response. The only thing I’ve heard in relation to Kendrick vs. Drake is the Control verse (which is not even a diss at all) and Drakes’ interviews.

  • marty mcfly

    @Obvious, again man you missed the points of my comments that your referring to. Go back and get what im saying. Its actually not about Drake’s popularity or numbers, that was just the parts to a larger point. Your opinion about The Language was already discussed and both opinions do nothing to change the situation at all, especially in regards to what Kendrick said in the cypher. As far as Papoose, wither way it goes as far as opinion makes no difference. Its more then obvious why Pap has nothing to lose by responding to Kendrick so however people feel about doesn’t even matter.

  • marty mcfly

    I will make one “bias” comment though. I believe that no matter what people will always say Drake lost and thats cause there is a level of hatred people have for Drake thats ridiculous so I believe even if Drake makes a diss song and Kendrick says nothing or makes a little jab back thats not even a song, people will still act like Drake lost (which is another reason why Drake should respond with a clever diss). This brings me back to the comment I made at 5:49, which is Drake might have to diss Kendrick without dissing him at the same time. He’s lyrical enough to figure that out. If Drake goes to hard on Kendrick (pause), people will just give Kendrick the W outta sympathy and hatred for Drake imo. Now THAT was sorta a bias comment but I believe it to be true. As far as Drake commenting on Control in interviews? Im not making an excuse for his responses but lets just acknowledge the fact he was asked several times. He had to give a response and imo the little side talk he was doing was what he should’ve done. Drake shouldn’t play games with Kendrick at all, he should drop hints and continue to let Kendrick and his fans know that he’s willing to go to battle if need be.

  • obvious

    @marty, i didnt miss your point, your point is your opinion, i was pointing out you’re flawed logic again. you’re ignoring it because you know its true, you’re bias. when its drak being discussed you use numbers to add to your arguement, when its a less successful rapper all of a sudden its all about lyrics and how hip hop fans today only care about relevance and while you’re doing the same thing to add to your arguement. plus the same “hatred” drake gets is similar to the hatred you give kendrick because kendrick gets praised as the best these days and because you feel he’s not that great it makes you feel a way.

  • marty mcfly

    oh yeah and @obvious, your the only person i’ve heard or seen with that opinion on the internet. Most people would agree that Drake has made no responses to Kendrick and has overall said nothing but positive things about Kendrick after the Control verse. He has every right to respond to the mention of his album by Kendrick on the BET cypher. Im gone

  • obvious

    the same way some people hate on drake because he’s so successful and its cool to do so, is the same way some people hate on rappers like kendrick, j.cole etc because they think they’re overrated. and instead of just leaving it alone you pop up on every vdieo that has something to do with them to talk down on them in some kind of way because you’re bias against them, period.

  • marty mcfly

    Im gonna break it down for you. My response to your theory about The Language song was me saying yeah that makes Drake look even more dope fool. The numbers of his album sales was just the added on bonus with that. If Drake made a song last minute for his album and on the song he only threw in few indirect lines on a song that was more about money and bitches and YOU take that as a diss for Kendrick that only makes Drake seem more equipped for battle. THAT was my point you idiot, the fact he capitalized on it by selling albums was a just a plus. YOU (the only person i’ve seen thus far bring that up) pointing out The Language has a response does absolutely nothing for anybody. It does nothing to prove anything other then the fact that maybe Drake is not to be fucked with musically. Your opinion does more to help mine then it does to prove anything.

  • obvious

    @marty, google drake the language, you’ll see kendrick diss everywhere, even comparing it to kendricks control verse. the same way the blogs assumed kendricks cypher verse was a drake diss is the same way the blogs took the language. and you saying most people would agree it wasnt a diss doesnt prove anything. and cut with the “gone” shit, you know damn well you live on this site lol

  • obvious

    yea but the fact that you’re mentioning how drake “capitolized” off of it makes you look even more bias, my point exactly. did you mention kendrick capitalizing off of the control verse? pushing his sales to platnum? no, but when drake does it its relevant to you for some reason

  • marty mcfly

    So what? That too means nothing. You can take my comments as bias or opinionated or whatever but guess what? Does that change anything in regards to anything that was said from Kendrick of Drake? NO. Does my opinion change any of Kendrick lyrics or Control or the BET cypher? NO. Now your bring up Kendrick numbers but that too will only end up doing more for my opinion then your own but your to stupid to figure out why.

  • marty mcfly

    Drake did not respond to Kendrick and even if you think he did, there are still way more people who think he didnt yet and certainly Drake did not respond to Kendrick on the cypher so it dont matter. When people like Erykah Badu say Drake should respond to Kendrick, she means in a way that his consistent with the history of diss records in hip hop culture. She does not mean with a song that was already out before hand and that nobody but you thinks was aimed at Kendrick. You want it to be because your hoping Drake dont respond cause you dont want Drake to smash on Kendrick. You wanna hope Kendrick did it with a club record about money and hoes instead because you just like Kendrick really dont want no problems (he just thinks he does cause people like you keep gassin him) thats why he’ll never just say fuck Drake straight up.

  • marty mcfly

    You wanna hope DRAKE did it with a club record about money and hoes instead because…

  • obvious

    You have no proof that more people think drake didn’t respond to Kendrick, you have yet to show that, I have more proof that mmare people do know. I told you Google the language and a bunch of blogs say it was a diss, fact. What iI said means nothing TO YOU because you chose to ignore it which is fine. But just because what I said doesn’t relate to what kemdrick or drake said doesdoesn’t mean it means nothing because that wasn’t my point in the first place. You saying me bringing up numbers MEANS NOTHING, because I brought it up to point out your logic, nothing else. Now be gone lake you said you’d be 2 comments ago. Plus I didn’t see any video of Erika bad explaining what she meant when she said that, you’re just assuming , which ddoesn’t add to your argument very well

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah the proof is your the only one that thinks Drake responded. Even if Drake somehow waited till the last minute to record The Language and turn it in a wek before sept 24th it still was done before anybody knew of the shot Kendrick sent in the cypher. If your referring to the Control verse? Ok but your the one that said it wasn’t a diss. And yes you still missed the point of why I brought up the numbers (even though the numbers was NOT the point of the statement) and the fact that you cant figure it out even after it was explained to you is even more proof of your stupidity. The fact you think The Language is a diss to Kendrick does absolutely nothing to change anything cause again, it only makes Drake seem like an even better artist if thats the case and makes him seem even more willing to battle so you aint doing nothing but making it worse for Kendrick if you count that random song that could be applied to a number of different artists and situations as a diss. That still does not mean Drake has responded to Kendrick and thats even if you count The Language as a response to whatever your applying it to. And no I wasn’t assuming what Erykah meant by her comment because its so simple that it cant be confused even by an idiot such as yourself. Drake has not responded to Kendrick and thats even if you hear The Language and think that indirect somehow applies to Kendrick. However what Kendrick said in the BET cypher is a diss at Drake and thats even if its not because you dont set up punchlines by using the title of Drake’s album and there has been NO response to that from Drake. At first I was like Drake should go easy on Keebler cause he really dont want it but now Id say fuck Drake need to just put the lyrical death blow in the chamber and let it go.

  • ear2ear

    @the realest andre 3000 sings, raps, and never gets in rap beef and I consider him one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all-time.

    mos def sings, raps, and never gets in rap beefs and I consider him one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all-time.

    so no, you don’t have to battle to prove you’re a great MC. And just because you are also talented enough to sing, that doesn’t subtract from your “hip-hopness.” You sound like a pretentious douchebag.