• YOLO 187

    tracklist looks beyond awful as usual. overall id say DJ Khaled is the worst thing to happen to hiphop ever. yes, EVER.

  • jojoba

    dude looks like he's really suffering on that album cover. Thank god he's really not that successful.

  • bassco

    Shouts to Bas. Dreamville nuggas.

  • Q

    ScHoolboy Q Leaked Oxymoron Tracklist, Out 4th Quarter:
    1. Hoovtro
    2. Yay Yay
    3. Filthy
    4. Banger (MOSHPIT)
    5. Baccwoods (Ft. Ab-Soul)
    6. Gangsta
    7. Hollow Points
    8. MAN of the YEAR
    9. Boatload (Ft. A$AP Rocky)
    10. Collard Greens (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    11. Joy Q (Ft. Jhene Aiko & Joy Joy)
    12. Druggys With Hoes: Part Trois (Ft. Ab-Soul, Danny Brown & A$AP Rocky)
    13. Eat (Ft. Danny Brown)
    14. Hell of a Night
    15. Figg Side

  • Bobby Bats

    I wanna hear that Cole record..scrap the rest

    • BBoggz


  • justmeok

    the fact that this looser is still putting out albums just shows you how bad hip hop really is. i mean come on lets be real.

  • J

    Next low budget album by Khaled will b "Suffering From Lack Of Success"....fucking awful

  • MyFiddyCents

    Lets get that Cole and Bas record, that is all

  • Truth.

    This guy has a song called Helen Keller I find that ironic because if she was alive she would be the only one safe from his music. There is my only hater comment for the year.

  • brad stevens

    maybe the worst tracklist for a DJ collab album i've ever seen

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist

    "dude looks like he’s really suffering on that album cover. Thank god he’s really not that successful."

    You do understand that this guys single from his last album went PLATINUM, right?! Like him or not, there's a reason the record companies have been giving him this platform for the last 10 years. The man knows how to put together a hit.

  • QZA

    03 I Feel Like Pac/ I Feel Like Biggie f. Diddy, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, T.I. & Swizz Beatz

    ............... FUCK you. Fuck every person involved with this track.

    Saying Khaled knows how to make a hit is erroneous. All he knows how to do is be a shitty hype man from every awkward ere in hi hop. All of these artists work together regardless so don't tell me "he's the one who brings all of them together/without him we wouldn't have been blessed with a track featuring Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, French Montana, and Rick Ross"

    The world doesn't need anymore of that feces audio.

  • JiveBaptiste

    Yeah QZA let it all out. I think this is just disgusting as well . Suffering from success.. Fat bastard can't even see his dick without 2 mirrors.

  • NSD

    wow look at all these people shitting on Khaled before they've even heard the songs. singles so far have been fire

  • http://facebook.com/WhoIsBizzy Bizzy

    Lol I feel like it's gonna be 2,3,5,7,11,12 and 14 that's gonna be the hot tracks. that's half the tracks so hopefully they deliver. Khaled usually puts together some good shit that flies under the radar. I feel like people never really "Listennnn!"

  • Ashwaganda

    Khaled, you aint suffering from success. You're suffering because Nicki dont want to be with you.

  • T9FTW

    11, 23 and maybe 4 because of Timbaland.

    Seems average and kinda dumb. 3 and 4 have WAY too many people on them and who the hell is Kat Dahlia?

  • Exhibit C

    Damn, I was really hoping to see a Nas feature. Nas/Khaled collabs are always fire.

  • SandySupreme

    Vado only on 1 track? By his fuckin self? Smh

  • realtalk™

    Suffering from lack of talent

  • Shakeem Muhammed

    As usual, Ross has the Most features on the album.

    he just make Joint albums with Ross and get it over with.

  • http://facebook.com/WhoIsBizzy Bizzy

    Suffering From Delusions of Grandeur

  • e

    Where the hell is kanye. fuck this

  • Mike G.

    Yall always talking about what Hip Hop really is like you're the judge, jury and executioner. Just stop it. All I see is a bunch of assholes that are far too opinionated. Also, to say DJ Khaled is not successful just sounds like hating to me. The man is worth a modest $3 million that the government knows about. Musicians get a lot of money from shows that does not get taxed. You have no idea how much money he actually has, all you know is that he has more than you so cut it the fuck out.

  • http://janebanda465@yahoo.com Pj khaled

    Fuck all y`all khaled haters...pussy ass niggaz stop hating.His still ths best....