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With the release of Grand Theft Auto Online, it was only right that the DopeHouse form its own Rockstar Social Club. We've now gone live with our crew, and we're letting everybody - including both PS3 and Xbox 360 owners - to join. Simply search Official2DopeBoyz and join the crew. You may even catch one of us online to pull a caper with too. See you all on the battlefield.

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  • Lil B

    Join my crew Team Very Based God

  • Shakeem Muhammed

    I'm Definitely joining this crew.

    Looking forward to doing a few missions with the DopeHouse Crew

  • jones

    anybody wanna now how to steal the fucking jet plane in the military zone ONLINE, holla at'cha boy -> zahlberg

  • wt

    Yall know kendrick isnt the main character of this game right? you'll hate it.


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