DJ Khaled – I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie f. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, T.I., Diddy Puff Daddy & Swizz Beatz

blame it on Shake October 7, 2013

Man, I don’t even know what to say about this one. So I’m just gonna keep quiet and let y’all speak amongst yourselves in the comment section. Those wanting it, Khaled’s seventh solo album Suffering From Success will be available for pre-order on iTunes at midnight. UPDATE: Apparently Ma$e shares my sentiment. Taking to his Twitter, the Harlem World emcee had the following to say.

Niggas sold u out BIG. I hate the way your legacy has been watered down. I don’t have to be from Bk. Let him rest. #respect

  • Jangster


  • Jem

    please lord no

    this is blasphemy

  • Fiend

    Tried giving this song a chance, but dude commenting above’s right, shit’s blasphemy. T.I.’s the only person making this song tolerable.

  • the beat is hard.

    that’s all i have to say.

  • kiko

    even MA$E mad at this one.

  • Realnizz

    yeah blasphemy pretty much sums it up

  • brad stevens

    this shit is the most offensive thing to happen to hip hop in a while

  • da fuck

    diddy puff daddy

  • randomguy

    even the artwork is

  • jrt123

    When I saw Khaled trending I was hoping he had finally kicked the bucket….little did I know he dropped this disgrace of a track.

  • WHAT!

    big up ma$e on the comment. and diddy still cashing in on BIG’s death. smmfh. wtf? blasphemy is right!

  • Yungstar

    ….are you fucking serious?

  • tupac hologram


  • I swear Hip-Hop 50% politics, 40% bullshit, & 10% music. The song was hard bruh why Hip-Hop fans cry about every fuckin thing?

  • who cares


  • yeaimhim

    in the words of the great pootie tang I gots to say na nay no… don’t wa-da-tah to the shama cow

  • Jake Torres

    Vic D can suck a D. You ain’t know shit about rap. These fake ass bitches saying they feel like Pac? Never. This is trash.

  • Matt Dash

    The cover art is cool….other than that, this track is horrible and offensive.

  • j1

    If this was a Kendrick Lamar and Shoolboy Q song it would be a complete opposite reaction you niggas aint shit and you corny as fuck. Niggas can’t feel like some of the greats just for the energy of the song? smh, if its mainstream yall hate with all your heart no matter what the song sound like. RIP Biggie and Pac.

  • T9FTW

    Look, guys at 2dope. You just can’t be so damn biased. How are you going to disgrace Khaled for this track when you praised Kendrick for saying he’s the king of New York. It’s the same damn thing but Khaled’s in the wrong?

    Kendrick said he IS the king of NY, while Khaled (who probably wrote the hook) said he FEELS like Pac/Biggie.


    That said, this is an amazing beat from The Beat Bully and T.I. had a phenomenal verse on this, with all the references and whatnot. Meek’s verse was pretty good and Ross was… Ross.

    I like the song, but the artwork is awful. He done mutated them and all. I feel like that’s what aliens are gonna look like…

  • Bran

    if Kendrick was on this song…yall would be callin it amazing lol.

  • QZA

    GOT DAMNIT FUCK THIS.. RIP B.I.G. and PAC!!!!! We will remember you and not this absolutely blasphemous attempt to sell records. I mean really, will Khaled just fucking kill himself.. Read this, you fat, worthless motherfucking cunt, you have no talent and your influence in this genre is that of a false prophet. I’m trying to pull a Stan from South Park and convince you to kill yourself.. And word is bond, that goes for everyone else involved with this record.

    Damnit Tip, what happened to you?

  • H60D

    This was just all around BAD, though I thought TI’s verse was pretty dope with the quotes. You would have to have gone through ALOT in your life and have a rare, deep, supreme outlook on life in general to feel anything near like Pac.

  • LA

    ^^^ I see a bunch of whiny bitches!

  • wackness

    Same person saying that if this was Kendrick the reaction would be the other way around??

    The fact of the matter is that Kendrick isn’t saying that he feels like Biggie or Pac, so your little hypothetical situation is null.
    Only clowns like these would hop on a track like this.

  • Aria


  • lol

    dont like it in general and diddy a clown i hope biggies family see a check, u niggas on here should jump off a cliff. U mad somebody feel pac? the fakest nigga to ever rap and u the same dudes to harp on drake. Drizzy was on degrassi but atleast this nigga wasnt at performing arts schools doin shakespeare shit atleast drizzys career cause he was a back up dancer for digital underground smh

  • lol

    *atleast drizzys career didnt pop cause he was a back up dancer for digital underground, these are facts after juice pac tried livin that character in real life

  • 7

    @lol go fuck yourself, guaranteed you have never done shit with your life. Feel free to quit the internet.

  • Smh at Idiots

    @lol Your name says it all…you’re a fucking joke

    Please drink a gallon of bleach!

  • Bran

    @lol are you correct, pac really was a fraud. He was very intelligent, but just didnt make good decisions. If you go to to youtube and search Allen Hughes on Sway, He talks about how when him and pac went to see Juice. And he could see Pac changing like right after they watched the movie. Crazy. People dont wana admit how fake Pac really was tho, he went from having a East Coast Tribute Song with “Old School” to “LIve And Die in LA” and “California Love. The dude is from Harlem!

  • bighustle

    T.I.’s verse is TOUGH though. I don’t know how to really feel about this track. Picturing ppl reacting to this in the club kinda warms my heart and it’s keeping the names relevant (not to say that they necessarily need a song to do so). But on the flip, I feel like it’s your typical cookie cutter radio sounding record which leaves a little more to be desired given the title and all.

  • Jay

    @lol and @Bran are the same person! GTFOH

    LOL smh

  • Real shit. You females only learned anything about it from the Internet and took it way out of context

    Biggie and PAC were washed up by their last albums. In no way were either of them great. All this use of the word blasphemy like niggas said fuck god almighty. Biggie and PAC weren’t shit and I can’t believe the sheep who weren’t even old enough to remember shit are the ones who are angry. All you young fucks ain’t shit. @aria, @wackness, @H60D, @QZA, @Jake Torres, @Matt Dash, and everybody above Vic D. You don’t know these 2 niggas if you need to tap. That bullshit. Nothing special or worth crying over

  • Seems like a song about them being paranoid that people want to kill them. Being that they are high profile, it kinda makes them an easy target. TI and Ross can definitely relate to that. Meek probably has his fears too. That being said…Fuck Khaled. Lol.

  • lol

    @Bran knows his shit
    @7 and @smh u herbs need to stfu and brush up on ur shit, dont glorify pac for his fakeness, i respect some of the shit he had to say and some of his positive messages but i dont respect the fraud.Dude was smart to see creating that juice persona would sell records and to the one who told me drink bleach go sip on battery acid for ur ignorance

  • Moses

    “Bitch I think I’m Tupac, Bitch I think I’m BIG, Bitch I think I’m Eazy E, I’m Big L and I’m ODB” -Kendrick Lamar. It doesn’t matter what you say as much as how you say it

  • lol

    @jay i aint bran u just stupid pac was a media gangsta and did ballet when he was young. fools like u are the ones to talk shit about rappers cause they fake yet pac fakest dude started gettin in trouble and acting silly after juice and signing with deathrow. Dude went to the same performing arts school as jada pinket smith

    • 2elLs

      @lol pacs mom was a black panther… of course shes going to make sure his education is taylored. pac loved art… fraud is more of a stretch than artist.

      this track is bland and will be forgotten this time next year. just like 2pac back.

  • okhaze

    I feel like a million bucks, still broke as FuCK. FuCK your feelings wack ass niggas!

  • okhaze

    Kendrick is a more superior rapper, no shit we wouldn’t trip.

    • okhaze

      Kendrick is a superior*

  • Jay

    @lol Sorry i don’t take trolls serious piece out!

  • 23

    ^ Kendrick is overrated bro, stop.

  • LA

    @lol Oh that makes Pac a fake because he went to performing arts school??

    damn you sound like a stupid ignorant piece of shit

  • Bran

    im not @lol. im just stating facts. How are you from New York, but now that your in your 20’s your from LA? Im from the west coast as well but i know fake when i see it. If you even look at the Game interviews about Pac, he even says pac made mistakes by claiming blood when he wasn’t one, and getting involved in gang shit. He stomped a crip out with hella other bloods like hours before he was killed, its on camera. You can’t do stupid shit like that, especially when your as big as he was at the time. It’s just not smart!

  • lol

    @jay hope ur ignorance helps u sleep well, learn some pac history fool
    @LA u the only soundin stupid or ignorant his thug persona was fake. What thug whose on the streets is performing shakespeare,doing ballet, or even attend a performing arts school? Dude just acted gangsta for camera. Instead of runnin ya mouth u ignorant bitch go learn somethin the term ‘studio gangsta’ defines pac, he wasnt doin none of that before juice

  • RahRaht

    The song bangs.

    Rap is rap,
    everyone is just trying to rap
    and tryna be remembered as a great;
    but what it takes to be a great
    and we try to work in sameness
    for the better sake of human graces.
    Lawd lawdy all this time was wasted
    For an internet bully to call me nameses.
    Haha, joke’s on you because its worthless
    This track was fat,don’t give a crap
    go ‘head and throw them curses.

  • Kiddjewce

    This a cool ass song cry babies. RIP BIG and PAC.

  • Jus10

    300+ votes down. TAKE THE HINT!!!

  • DJ Daz-One

    How do you feel like Pac And Big? U recycle the same artists (T.I is an exception) for every song STILL and nothing relevant is ever produced. And how/why is Diddy co-signing this song, How can you allow such blasphemy to continue? B.I.G. can’t live forever with GARBAGE SONGS like this taking over the airwaves. Sad day in rap music right here I’M SO APPALLED.

  • JD

    Record is dope. Go live your life you fucking nerds.

  • dummeh

    I remember when my little brother used to leave when I proved his ass wrong. Jay is the same way

  • PROF X


  • Conscious Leo

    Kendrick never said he was the King of New York, he said that he was “like” the King of NY and Tupac combined, which contextually a bit different

  • PROF X


  • Jarvo

    How in the fuck did this turn into a “Kendrick Lamar” thing again lol yall love keeping homies name in yall mouth. Niggas gotta stop using Big’s and Pac names as song titles like this, This shit was fucking wack and Diddy should be ashamed of himself cosignin some shit like this.

  • 2elLs

    if pac and biggie were alive these fools would not be rappin this song. haha

    they should have said
    i feel like jayz
    i feel nasir

  • QZA

    300+ votes down. TAKE THE HINT!!!

    Jus10 said this on October 7th, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    ^^^^ AMEN! *Jeezy voice*

  • Fuck you

    Why can’t these wack artist let the dead rest fucking scumbags fuck every single person for getting on this song

  • Frost

    Hope Diddy was talking to everyone but TI on this garbage ass record at the end…

  • B

    Hip hop fans expect too much and get
    Mad and hate everything these days. Who cares what the song title is. If u don’t like it don’t listen. You guys did the same thing with wutang forever, And guess what wu doin the remix. What does that tell you guys. Yous are fkn dumb and stupid. at the end of
    The day they showing love it’s not like they dissing them. Diddy
    Helped biggie they were friends so if he ain’t mad why all you dudes behind the computer mad at a song that’s named after two great rappers. If you don’t like the song I can understand but don’t hate it because of the title.

  • WacknessIsOver

    Hip Hop is truly dead.

  • Bullets

    Yeah lets put mediocre rich overrated nigas in the studio and make a cheesy song.. This isnt a commercial song this song is a commercial Khaled was always a culture thieving fake niga to me…

  • nah you feel like a pussy, you feel like a ASS

  • the realest

    Mase just mad cuz they ain’t ask him to be on it. And biggie ain’t God, the fuck. If it’s so blasphemous then why no tupac defense? Cuz they suck big’s dick till no end. And they some haters too.

  • ewwere

    how dare they remember the deaf like this. lets just let people forget so that you can complain about that instead

  • gregory kruxx.

    souns like all the otha bs this clown usually does with all the usual suspects…..garbage

  • Dj Sa-x

    This is wrong on soo many levels

  • lala

    Pac name outta these wack rappers mouths!

  • Deville713

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY knows what Big or Pac would’ve approved of or even what type of music those guys would be making right now. It’s just a song with popular rappers and a hard beat. Calm y’all nerves.

  • RapPizzaNikesHomies

    what the actual fuck

  • Mike Tomlin

    This song and subsequent comments just gave me cancer.

    Someone said “in no way were PAC and Biggie great.” Please please please kill yourself.

  • Swaggerooni

    Diddy is a hoe ass nigga for co signing this one

  • Instant Classic!


  • BruhMan

    Once you stop dicksuckin, you actually hear the song is dope.

  • ayemurf

    they should have just used this beat for a different song. This song was a terrible idea, but the beat is hard af

  • MF_182

    come on swizz…. damn shame. T.I. snapped tho

  • 00002435eddsd

    these niggas fucking violated BIGGIES name, R.I.P u dont deserve this shit, why the fuck diddy even accept this shit

  • FreshSup

    Damn, this isn’t hip hop. Sorry BIG. We gon’ keep you alive Frank White. Still one do my most played artists in general.

  • The Legendary Sonny G

    I fucks with it. Don’t know what the hoopla is about, most the niggas doin the arguing are either too young to remember when these 2 had an impact or too old to appreciate the ironic impasse that making such a song entails. Either way I enjoyed it as I will enjoy the 50 nigga remix.

  • kl

    i dont care how good the track is or how bad it is.
    i hate dj khaled with so much passion
    who does he think he is using pac and biggies name, especially on a hook