• http://www.lundygotbeats.com Ryan Lundy

    dope af

  • jus10

    I hate getting my hopes up... but I just did... NAS IS LIKE!!

  • Mike

    Nice video's he's a G.O.A.T.

  • KarlW1992

    Best producer ever!!

  • Real Talk

    Where’s all those other albums Premier has been talking about for the past few years?
    Premier x NYGz
    Premier x Pete Rock
    Premier x KRS-One
    Premier x Nas
    Premier x Khaleel

  • egotrippppin

    ^^^forreal doh... not moved by the news in da LEAST.... AFTER nas drops his NEXT album?... OK... so at the MINIMUM 3years before yall even getting started... and we all kno Preme procrastinates like no other ... FOH with that fairy tale shit niggas is men

  • sa

    Titled "Shoulda Dropped In 1996"