• who cares

    Apparently this dropped close to four weeks ago. Way to be on top of things. Anyway, this is dope as fuck. The last few songs we've received from Ortiz have been fire.
    Side note: Dude looks like he lost mad weight.

  • biff tannen

    Dude looks like he got AIDS or somn. Damn.

    Good track tho. Joell stays spittin'

  • Jem

    damn Joell just gets better with every track..

  • WalterBlackJr

    Joell we need a solo album from you, you're the chosen one!

    • Verze

      You must've never heard "Free Agent"

  • macturnal

    so a nigga decides to get healthy and lose a lil weight and now he has aids?!?... SMH unfortunately some people don't realize how ignorant they sound even after they speak, anyways.. The Brick has always been my favorite Ortiz album followed by Free Agent, Ortiz stays killin tracks

  • DM (E Town)

    GOD... this cat can rhyme.

  • http://hiphopandlove.wordpress.com FUHNAHTIK

    ^ YES!