Jean Grae - Gotham Down: cycle 1​:​Love In Infinity (Lo​-​Fi)

Straight out of left field, Jean Grae hits us with a six-track EP. Stream above.

I think all of our past, present and future spaces are intertwined, all folded into each other. If you change your present, it changes your future and your past. If you recognized that you had the ability to knowingly jump around in space-time, you would definitely shift things, either for the best or not. Basically, it’s a kick-ass story about the good and evil within us, our abilities to do superhuman things, and the understanding of our place in the multiverse. And boys.” Grae describes the project as complicated and as simple as that.

PURCHASE: Jean Grae - Gotham Down: cycle 1​:​Love In Infinity (Lo​-​Fi) EP

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  • Advance

    Straight out of left field she hits us with a six track EP for $8. No thanks

  • satori

    lol not straight out of left field.. she has been announcing Gotham Down ..

  • ianism

    she is the best. all the money goes straight to her, not some label middlemen. she deserves some fucking money for once.

  • The Real TC

    I love me some Jean, but $8 for a six track ep? If it was her best work, sure.

  • Niel

    shit tight.
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