Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy October 8, 2013

Dom Kennedy, Rick Ross, Skeme, Slim Thug, James Fauntleroy, and more join Nipsey Hussle on his newly released Crenshaw mixtape. Stream and download the 21-track offering featuring production from 9th Wonder, 1500 or Nothin, Cozmo, The Futuristics, TeeFLii, and more after the jump. SHAKE UPDATE: Congrats to Nipsey on a super successful release last night. According to the Crenshaw emcee, he made a cool $100k already by selling signed copies for $100 a pop. If you’re #Proud2Pay, hit up his website and support.

  • MCnonbeleiver

    Neighborhood Nip! Bullets Have No Names.. n now this! Yaowa some hop to hip.. #realrap #mc

  • solis91

    NIpsey Hussle number one rapper in all of china

  • justmeok

    listening to this now and i cant for the life of me figure out what the hype is with this guy lol

    • okhaze

      I completely agree, lyrics are average nothing mind blowing and flow is just ok…IDK

  • trufisbak

    drama ruined it as usual… when will rappers learn… SMMFH

    • Cosigner

      (DJ) Drama never ruins it

  • i’ll just wait for the NoDJ version.

  • POS3-AttirE

    poor mixtape if you consider how long he has had to do it since his last project, and the mixing is bad…. next !

  • 9 to 5s in the 925

    Album throwaways
    This was really all about marketing and I think it worked.
    The records are actually nice

  • flo

    so he made his fans pay $100 for album throwaway songs? lol.

  • GeeZuP

    A lot of hating ass niggas commenting the tape is pretty dope Nipsey is on his A game with this one

    • okhaze

      Yes they are hating because they don’t like what you like…gtfo and get that nigga’s sausage out of your mouth.

  • paulinho

    FINALLY!!! some new hussle!

  • bongwater

    man i think this shit is dope as fuck

  • dff


  • HesusDuece

    people hating probably never been out west, this is that smooth west coast type shit, could use a full Dom & Nipsey mix tape/album

  • Herbclouds

    whoop whoop

  • Frost

    I call bullshit on that 100k…

    No one in their right mind would actually drop a bill for a “mixtape” of album throwaways……let alone 1000 people…

  • Tyty

    Fucks with nipsey but is disappointing.

  • Fraxxx

    @okhaze if u listen to Bullets 2 & 3 u know what the hypes about. this here is average tho.

  • So I just saw a Complex headline saying Jay-Z bought 100 copies. Lmao. That shit don’t count.

  • dee

    nothing special

  • NoWuff

    My only issues so far: Sound quality and obscene datpiff/Dj tags.

  • mz

    Yo this dude just made a 100k + purely off fan support.
    Fuck a 360 that’s all his money.
    I can see how some people don’t like Nip or Dom, but they make dope chill music to ride too.


    Got Dammit Drama Shutthefuckup!!! just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  • Will

    justmeok and okhaze

    I see what you guys mean, I think when it comes to music Nipsey is one of the more consistent artist. I thought the same way with Kendrick when I saw that cypher with Tech, I was like this dude is what mainstream cats are barking over lol. I pitied them, because he was average or good not mind blowing like some have made him out to be. I still do not see what others see in GKMC tons of albums that year and now are still better than that average hip-hop album.

  • Shaq Da Savior of Hip-Hop

    Shaq has made it possible for you rap niggas, now you must give him a blood sacrifice or you will suffer from a strong potent form of lice. Thus saith the Lord, all my brothas become of one accord. I am not afraid to see the truth through lord Shaq’s eyes. I am blessed with eternal youth. Thank you Lord Shaq.