Blu & Nottz - End Of The World f. Rashad


Another banger from Johnson and Nottz Raw's upcoming EP, Gods In The Spirit, which drops October 22nd.

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  • Thank Me

    So excited for this EP. It's never a bad day when we get new music from Blu. *Plays Below the heavens in anticipation*

  • ALD

    Cover art is crazy. Song is cool.

  • BoomBapSurprise

    Gawd Damn NOTZZ on the production...

    VA Producers:
    The Neptunes

    VA puts out that product!

  • 5Ft.Deep

    YES. This is dope

  • Shaq Da Savior of Hip-Hop

    This was good but it needs a Lord Shaq feature. I bet not hear one nigga make fun of the god of Steel, thank you Lord Shaq.